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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Action in the High Court of the Republic of Singapore ("Singapore High Court")
Lee Kuan Yew v Review Publishing Company Limited and Hugo Restall
(Case No. S540/2006/Q)

This is hilarious, and quite Kafka-esque: "We sue you for defamation for alleging that we sue people for defamation unnecessarily"

Page 9 of the Writ of Summons for a libel suit against FEER reads:

"16. In addition, the phrase "How many libel suits have Singapore's great and good wrongly won, covering up real misdeeds?" was repeated and given special prominence in a box in the Article."

They even helpfully include in Appendix A an extensive list of defamation suits won by the plaintiff.

Irony, thou art dead.

Why My Vote Matters-A Dialogue With Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew

MM Lee: You mean to tell me you have, you're one of the 40% who voted against the PAP and something happens to you?

Ken Kwek, 26 - Journalist; Never voted: I mean, I've never voted for that matter, but I mean - we talk to hundreds of voters in the course of our work, and it's either "no comment" or "if I vote against the PAP..."

MM Lee: Let's get down. What are the hundreds of voters? You name the hundreds of voters, a few of them. Tell me.

Ken Kwek: Well, I mean I can't name them-

MM Lee: No no.

Ken Kwek: By name.

MM Lee: No, you tell me who you've spoken to and they say "we're afraid to vote..."
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