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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"A country can be judged by the quality of its proverbs." - German Proverb


Disadvantages of using your laptop in class: People can see that you have a MSN contact group called 'SGBOY'. Hurr hurr.

Some people who'd gone to the US on exchange said that the difference between the US and Singapore was that in Singapore people would look at you and go "Why are you like this?" (said in Chinese), but that in the US people would look at you and go "Oh, so you are like this." (said in Chinese too); they said that in Singapore people hold you to a standard and stare at you if you don't fit in, while in the US you can wear what you want - one day you can wear makeup and a skirt and basketball shorts the next, and no one will say anything.

I asked the Malay stall woman not to give me a plastic bag, but she insisted and said that otherwise the plastic store would close down. Uhh.

A presentation on the US-China trade deficit suggested that one way to improve it would be for China to develop its civil society. This was too outrageous a claim to let pass, so I called them up on it. The response was that a more democratic China would result in consumers having greater choice and buying more US goods. Uhh.

One of my minions told me that a gaggle of people was behind me in the corridor, and they were going: "Look, it's that blogger... His hair is so long. He thinks he's Vanness Wu?" Someone: "next thing you know a yaoi fangirl with too much time on her hands will produce gssq/vaness fanart -_-" Someone else: "vanness wu. ­what an insult. ­you should smack them"

The people who write the menus at Munchie Monkey are as deprived as those who ocme up with bash names. Smoothies were described as "a fruity twist for those in heat", and 3 scoops of ice-cream was named "Ménage à trois".

It tells you something that at the New Zealand's Natural in NUS, half the flavours are no/low fat.

Someone showed me some of the official unofficial smoking points in NUS. It was very interesting, not least since the biggest one (with a "NUS is a smoke-free campus" sign, no less) is where I've seen female students smoking in NUS for the first time (they're more risk-averse than the guys); I saw a female staff member smoking in a carpark - apparently it's a loophole in the regulations. I'd document these corners, but that would incite a crackdown, so.

For a test, I watched a documentary on Millennium Tower in Hong Kong (some people watched the wrong video, heh). The various concerns (providing a good mix of facilities, having a church for weddings, express lifts etc) reminded me of playing SimTower.
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