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Friday, March 06, 2015

Links - 6th March 2015 (fixed)

(accidentally posted a near-dup post)

Why Do Women Cry More Than Men? - "“There are several studies over the years that have shown that men have larger tear ducts in their eyes, so that it is less likely for the tears to well up to the point of spilling over the eyelid onto the cheek,” said Dr. Geoffrey Goodfellow, an associate professor at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. There’s also this paper from the 1960s, in which a physician from the University of Michigan reports how he used male and female skulls to measure the length and depth of tear ducts, finding that women’s were shorter and shallower. Hormones also may provide an explanation, too, including testosterone, which, Vingerhoets believes, inhibits crying. Male prostate cancer patients, for example, tend to become more emotional when treated with medications that lower their testosterone levels. But this isn’t just about testosterone: Back in the 1980s, biochemist William H. Frey and his team analyzed the chemical makeup of emotional tears and compared them to tears caused by irritants. They found, among other things, that emotional tears tend to contain prolactin, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that is associated with emotion. Vingerhoets passed on a 2012 paper from a team of Nigerian scientists that he said may help connect this to the gender difference in crying."

Italian man who forced daughters to diet and ski for being 'too fat' guilty of abuse - "An Italian father who forced his teenage daughters to ski competitively and eat a macrobiotic diet because he was concerned they were too fat has been found guilty of abuse and sentenced to nine months in prison... He said he encouraged them to ski and to eat a macrobiotic diet, avoiding processed and otherwise refined foods, out of a normal level of parental concern. But the mother of the teenagers and the prosecutor in the case painted a different picture, of constant pressure and taunting by the father of his daughters."

The Problem With Rational Wiki - Less Wrong - "While factually it is as about as accurate as Wikipedia, it is very selective about the facts that it is interested in. For example what would you expect from a site calling itself "Rational Wiki" to have on its page about charity. Do you expect information on how much good charity actually does? What kinds of charities do not do what they say on the label? How to avoid getting misled? The ethics of charity? The psychology, sociology or economics of charity? I'm sorry to disappoint you but the article consists of some haphazardly arranged facts and stats on how much members of some religions give or are supposed to give to charity, a dig against Christianity and a non-sequitur unfavourable comparison of the US to Sweden. Contrast this with what you can find on the topic on sites like LessWrong or 80, 000 Hours. Basically the material presented is what a slightly left of centre atheist needs to win an internet debate. As is much of the rest of the site. Indeed some entries have a clear ideological bias that is quite startling to behold on a "rational wiki" and it has been noted by some"
Comment: "Another example both of blatant bias and why I stopped reading liberal blogs even when I felt entirely on their side. Such a complete refusal to offer respect to your opponents is epistemically rude and super annoying for me to read.

What dark secret is in the S'pore basement? - "You could say more Singaporeans are walking away from their Omelas, and the city changes as a result"
So the best way to change the system is to migrate

Nutella not a girl’s name, French court rules - "A French court has barred a couple from naming their daughter Nutella after the popular hazelnut chocolate spread... The court ruled that such a name was against the girl’s interests as it would cause “mockery or disobliging remarks”... The days are long gone when a French child would be named according to the saint’s day on which it was born. In 1993 the law was changed to enable parents to freely choose their baby’s name – unless it is deemed contrary to the child’s interests... a separate case in the region concerned a child who had been given the name Fraise (Strawberry)... In 2013, a boy named Jihad caught the notice of school authorities when the three-year-old was seen wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “I am a bomb” on the front, and his name and date of birth, 11 September, on the back. His mother was acquitted of supporting terrorism by a court in Avignon."

Adrianna Tan - Instagram Photos - "They even sell SIM cards at arrivals now! (6 months ago, a SIM card cost $250; 3 years ago they cost $2000)... The sims are [now] 1500 kyats. (1.5 dollars)"

Nicholas Cho - Mobile Uploads - "This is why I fear for the future of Singapore.
For the record our pay $6-$7 per hour
Pooled incentives up to $400
Uniform allowance up to $100
Oh wait. Maybe the pay isn't high enough for your superstar salesman son ( no experience btw)
And the best part!
Location: Cineleisure!!
And that is why I fear for Singapore's future"

Singaporeans have misplaced sense of entitlement, says SICC head Victor Mills - "One issue that has become a challenge for many businesses is excessive job-hopping. This has come about only because of our economic success and a very tight labour market. I have seen one extreme example in the SICC. We had employed an assistant finance manager who had a lovely personality with all the right experience and skills. We thought we hit gold. But she turned up for work for just one day and then disappeared. When we tracked her down a few days later - she was not answering her phone - she said: "It just wasn't for me." But my response was: "How could you possibly know after just one day? You are not giving yourself or the organisation a chance.""

Vagina canoe artist defends herself over ‘obscenity’ charges - "“I don’t believe my vagina is anything obscene,” Igarashi said in a July press conference after her release, the Japan Times reported. “I was determined I would never yield to police power.” Writing on her website Igarashi describes her project: “Why did I start making this kind of art pieces? That was because I had not seen pussy of others and worried too much about mine. I did not know what a pussy should look like.""

Profs on Paris Attacks: Je Suis NOT Charlie! - Campus Watch - "University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole accused the Bush/Cheney administration and the Iraq War of "radicalizing" terrorist brothers, Sharif and Said Kouashi:.. Hofstra University Islamic studies professor Hussein Rashid, claiming that Muslims in Europe "feel like they are besieged" and view satirizing Islam "as bullying," concluded that, "it is not so much about religious anger, as it is about vengeance." Ingrid Mattson, who chairs Islamic studies at Huron University College in Ontario, tweeted that, "The attack on #CharlieHebdo is not about Islam vs the West. Many Muslims have had their heads taken off by fanatics who detested their views," as if the Paris terrorists were motivated by Muslim-on-Muslim violence. Meanwhile, Khaled Fahmy, a historian at the American University of Cairo who has taught Islamic studies at New York University, argued that religion was "just a veneer" for resentment against "colonial powers" and Western "Orientalist" condescension. "It is the nonviolence that needs to be explained, not the violence," he asserted. Taking the willful blindness even further, M. Steven Fish, a political scientist at the University of California, Berkeley stated, "Is Islam violent? I would say absolutely not. There is very little empirical evidence that Islam is violent"... One might expect acts of unadulterated evil like the massacres in Paris to be met with unqualified condemnation from the American professoriate. But obfuscation, moral relativism, apologetics, and anti-Western bigotry are the strong suits of today's Middle East studies establishment. Islamists seeking to forbid criticism of radical Islam and undermine Western law and culture can count on their allies in academe."

Thousands chant for Hizbullah in Charlie Hebdo protest in southeast Turkey - "Around 100,000 people have protested the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Diyarbakır, a Kurdish-majority city in Turkey's southeast, cheering for Turkish Hizbullah... "As long as you are the enemies of Allah, we will be your enemies," the Free Cause Party (Hüda Par) chair Molla Osman Teyfur said in his speech, vowing to "cut the tongue that talked against the Prophet.""

Photos: K-pop gal's sexy dance causes nosebleed
The Japs are actually right about nosebleeds!

The Conversation isn’t getting very far - "Firstly, it reinforced what I have called the petitionary state, that is one in which the government’s monopoly of power goes unquestioned, but like so much noblesse oblige, now and then, it generously lends a listening ear to the king’s subjects. But, and secondly, the problem with that is that people then get into the mode of asking for favours and seeing what is eventually sprinkled upon them as gifts; they don’t have to work for them or pay the price for them, whether it be smaller classroom sizes or more frequent trains."

How Carson Block Can Take On Singapore - "how do Temasek, GIC, and the government itself work with this seemingly odd cash flow? To Balding, the answer lies with something called the Central Provident Fund (CPF)... Balding conjectures, however, that CPF funds are being used to finance investments in GIC and Temasek. If the two investment vehicles return well over 2-4.5%, as the government claims, that's fine. If they earn less, the government has to put up the money to ensure that citizens get their returns. That means digging into government funds. Balding believes that this, at least in part, explains Singapore's massive debt."

Can women tell if a man will cheat on them just by looking at him? - "They also found a high correlation between attractiveness and perceptions of trustworthiness, with more attractive people judged more likely to be trustworthy. 'There might be some sort of attractiveness halo effect going on there,' Professor Simmons said. 'What was also really interesting is there was no correlation between peoples' rating of sexual faithfulness and trustworthiness. 'So they're obviously very different tasks and people are looking for different things.'"

Porn Predicts Same-Sex Marriage Support, Says Regnerus - "He suggests a correlation among young adult men (but not women) between regular porn consumption and support for same-sex marriage."

Social Scientists Defend Mark Regnerus' Controversial Study on Same-Sex Parenting - "Media outlets have not properly critiqued the "small, nonrepresentative samples" used by previous studies that showed equal or more positive outcomes for children of same-sex parents vs. heterosexual parents... Another new study (published this month in the Journal of Marriage and Family) – also based on a large, nationally representative, and random survey – comes to conclusions that parallel those of Regnerus's study."

How Common Are Stable Same-Sex Couples? - "The October issue of Journal of Marriage and Family published an analysis by Charles Lau of a British probability sample, “The Stability of Same-Sex Cohabitation, Different-Sex Cohabitation, and Marriage.” Lau found that cohabiting same-sex couples in Great Britain are twice as likely to break up as cohabiting opposite sex couples — and married couples (all opposite-sex in Great Britain) are at least five times more stable than same-sex couples... He also reports no increase in stability of same-sex unions between the 1958 birth cohort and the 1970 birth cohort."

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Affirmative action (and feminism) kill

Safety Last? - Chicago Tribune
December 01, 1995|By Elaine Donnelly, President, Center for Military Readiness.

LIVONIA, Mich. — In a Nov. 14 article on female pilots training to fly combat aircraft (Main news), Michael Kilian suggested that questions about double standards in combat aviation training are primarily political and without foundation.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kilian had not yet received a copy of my organization's "Special Report: Double Standards in Naval Aviation," which documents an extraordinary and unusual pattern in the training of two female pilots. One such pilot, Lt. Kara Hultgreen, was killed last year while attempting to land an F-14 on the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.

Detailed training records obtained by the Center for Military Readiness, a public policy educational organization specializing in military personnel issues, suggest Lt. Hultgreen may have been the victim of a flawed policy.

Lt. Hultgreen was an impressive and courageous woman, but the instructors gave her low scores and four signal-of-difficulty or unsatisfactory performance "downs"--one or two of which are frequently sufficient to end an aviation career. Two of Lt. Hultgreen's downs highlighted mistakes similar to errors made during her fatal approach to the carrier.

Navy instructors also awarded an astonishing seven downs to another female pilot, one of which was not recorded so that she could graduate as a "fully qualified" aviator.

After a series of meetings at the Pentagon, high-ranking Navy officials conceded, with much reluctance and only a few minor points of disagreement, that the material obtained from sources known to the Center was largely accurate. We then released the comprehensive Special Report.

Even proponents of women in combat should agree that safety should not be compromised and young lives put at greater risk because of "flexible" standards that treat men and women differently.

AIM Report - September B, 1997

"Men with equal or better records had waited a year or more for carrier training. The discrimination had a cost. The IG wrote: "The decision to move females ahead of males in the training pipeline, necessary to get them to the targeted carrier/air wing before deployment, contributed to the perception that women would receive preferential treatment to satisfy political objectives, a message that hurt morale and teamwork."

Lohrenz, Lt. Kara S. Hultgreen and two other women were among the 10 pilots assigned to Fighter Squadron VF-124. The training was supposed to be "gender neutral," but according to three flight instructors interviewed by the IG, reality was another matter. By their accounts, Cmdr. Tom Sobiek, the commanding officer, convened instructors who had expressed concerns about the women's flying. Sobiek allegedly said that "the women are going to graduate regardless of how they performed." One officer summarized Sobiek as saying, "you guys don't understand, this is bigger than all of us, these women are going to graduate no matter what."

Sobiek denied making any such statement. "That is a flat **** lie," he said. "And whoever told you that, if they were under oath, should be taken to task." The IG concluded "it is more likely than not" that Sobiek said something to indicate that the women "are going to make it to the fleet."

The IG said the Navy wanted to use the women carrier pilots as symbols to counter Tailhook and that overly zealous press agents helped create a climate that led to Lohrenz's failure. They used women fliers to prove that sexual integration of the military was working. One commander told investigators that the Navy was in a race with the Air Force to get the first female fighter pilot. The IG suggested that publicists wanted fliers to earn their wings regardless of their performance: "The failure of any single female aviator would have implications (at least in the media) far greater than the concerned individual. Failure would be portrayed as a failure of the female gender"...

Lt. Patrick J. Burns, "Jerry" to his shipmates, came into the Navy as an enlisted man and rose to officer rank as a carrier pilot. He was still in his early 30s in 1994, when he became one of the instructors for the pioneer women fliers. Persons who know Burns say that he says little about integration of women into the combat military; but he is a zealot on safety. He and other instructors raised questions about Hultgreen and Lohrenz early in their cycle. Respectful of protocol, he worked through the chain of command, to the squadron's operations officer, training officer, executive officer, and finally to the CO, Sobiek, who allegedly pronounced that the women were going to graduate regardless of their records.

Burns was worried. As he would later tell the IG, "the majority of the officers felt that safety was being compromised...[they] almost universally felt that...Hultgreen was a marginal pilot at best, [who] required very close scrutiny if she was to graduate to the fleet, and that Lt. Lohrenz was a substandard pilot [who] should not graduate..." The Navy chose to push the women through to graduation anyway. As Burns testified, "I...specifically told individuals that I expected a catastrophic mishap to take place concerning one of these individuals sometime during their fleet tour." In three months, Hultgreen was dead, victim of her own error and the Navy's lowered standards for women pilots...

At this point, Burns made a calculated decision that put his career at risk. He passed copies of training records to Elaine Donnelly, who runs a watchdog group, the Center for Military Readiness. A former army officer, Donnelly served on the Defense Department task force which studied whether women should be put into combat situations, something she opposed. Her center monitors the sexual integration of the military. Burns realized he was violating the Federal Privacy Act, but he had been ignored by superiors. He explained, "If I was walking down the street and I saw somebody's house on fire and I knew there were people inside and I knew I could get them out, I wouldn't be concerned about dragging them out in their underwear because of their privacy concerns"...

Concurrently, someone leaked the technical report on Hultgreen's accident, putting the lie to the claim that mechanical failure caused her death."

Friday, February 27, 2015

Double Standards: Some Races/Religions are More Equal than Others

From time to time, one comes across cases of individuals in Singapore investigated, charged and/or convicted for upsetting racial-religious harmony.

Usually, we hear of such cases when a "minority" is insulted.

Yet, let us not pretend that "minorities" are saints.

Let us take a case of a certain Muhammad Hechter, who was quick to anger due to a comment on SMRT Ltd (Feedback)'s page:

Muhammad Hechter: For FengquaN Koh to mentioned "It's so painful to see so many idiots believing what the Islam said in a book?!" is very uncalled for n dat is deemed as causing religious and racist unrest. N dat warrant a police report to be made against him!!! I have screenshot his comments and will make a police report soon...Dude just standby ok...n for ur fren by d name of Dzulhisham Along, pls open ur eyes and ur mind. How can u actually b his fren wen he condemned ur religion n mine by calling us Muslims idiots for believing in d Quran!!!

FengquaN Koh: Come i clap for you! What an idiot, you can't even understand what i wrote. You can even tell the term, "idiot" is referring to a individual or religion.

Let me give you a like.

Muhammad Hechter: I fully understood wat u typed nt wrote. The word "idiot" refers to n individual who believes in Islam. Its as simple as dat. I m nt as stupid as u r by putting dat word down means ur calling us Muslims "idiots" bcos our faith n belief is in Islam. Hence u r causing racial n religious unrest. Lu standby suah dok...


Looking at what FengquaN Koh had posted, we see that it is quite innocuous:

"It's so painful to see so many idiots believing what the islam said in a book?!

There is something called "google". These days pigs are raise with proper nutritional ingredients.

Seriously, do yourselves a favor by doing a bit of research before commenting like an ignorant fool."

This post was in response to the usual tiresome claims about pork being bad for you because of parasites/tapeworms:

Keith Tan: "Hokkien say smart enuff dun act smart. So now is drink enuff dun eat pork. Anyway, smart ppl dun eat pork, u shld read how it affects ur health. If torah, bible n quran say so, dun eat it if u can."

In other words, A claims that you shouldn't eat pork because the Quran (among other religious texts) says so.

B responds that you shouldn't blindly believe what religious texts and that you should educate yourself, and that if you don't (and blindly believe what religious texts say), you're an idiot.

In light of this, FengquaN Koh's response would seem reasonable - if someone insisted that the Moon emitted light because of what was written in a religious text, one would be justified in chiding him for being an idiot (since it is demonstrably false that the moon emits light).

Now, what is especially interesting here is to contrast this (Hechter's police report) to his response to me:

Me: Technically if you're from the Hanafi school of Islam you can drink

Muhammad Hechter: N technically u r stupid n ignorant cos ur Chinese???!!!???

Me: Don't hate me if you're ignorant of some of the subtleties of your religion

Early hanafi scholars said non grape or date alcohol was ok

Alcohol: Its kinds, usage and Rulings | General Fiqh | Fiqh

Also I'm sure your Chinese Muslim brothers would not appreciate your racist remark

Muhammad Hechter: Hahaha hahaha too much swine in u aldy dats y...can't blame u for d lack of respect...well again dats Chinese...

So, this chap twice insulted me for being Chinese (besides not just being ignorant but reveling in his ignorance, and being irrational to boot [I'm still not sure what the link between eating pork and lacking respect is]).

At the same time he made a police report about someone for telling him to look at scientific evidence.

This is rich indeed.

One wonders why one never hears of Malays and/or Muslims insulting other races and/or religions.

I am tempted to see what happens if I, in turn, make a police report about this chap insulting my racial feelings, but I'm not sure if it's worth wasting taxpayers' money just to test the system for institutional racism/religious bias.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

IT specialist got 15-year-old to have sex with 18-year-old in hotel room

What the...

IT specialist got 15-year-old to have sex with 18-year-old in hotel room

In the first case of its kind, a former IT specialist has been taken to court for causing a minor to have sex with another person while he took photographs of them.

In the dock on Thursday was the 41-year-old Singapore permanent resident, who pleaded guilty to doing so at Conrad Centennial Hotel sometime in late October or early November 2012. Two other charges will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced.

There is a gag order on the accused, the victim and the witness.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kavita Uthrapathy told the court that the accused, a photography enthusiast, had done nude and erotic photography using models he obtained from a website.

Sometime in late October 2012, the minor, a Chinese national then in Secondary 4, came to know the accused, who advertised on the Craiglist classifieds, stating: "Hoping to fulfill my girlfriend's fantasies; seeking an extra man".

Curious, the youth responded, claiming he was 18. The man, who did not verify his age, arranged for the minor as well as the part-time model to meet him at the hotel in Temasek Boulevard.

While they were in the room, the part-time model told the minor she was a second-year polytechnic student, but had just dropped out of school. The minor claimed he was a first-year polytechnic student.

After talking for a while, the man, who had told the youth he was a businessman, set up his camera equipment and told the teen to pose with the model as he snapped photographs.

He then asked the model to undress the youth, who felt uncomfortable and awkward. The accused had reassured him that the photographs were meant only for his personal use.

The man then told the 18-year-old to take off her clothes. He got the duo to perform various sexual acts while he photographed them. He also joined them on the bed at one stage.

About 20 to 30 minutes later, he handed a condom packet to the minor and asked him to have sex with the model. The youth did so as she was engaged in a sexual activity with the man.

Before they left, he paid the model $250.

The offence came to light on Jan 8 last year, when someone saw the photographs online.

The maximum punishment for the offence is 10 years' jail and a fine.

Links - 26th February 2015

Man with Emirates Tattoo Enjoys $25,000 of Free Upgrades - "Glaswegian-born McGinlay is an English teacher in Thailand, but is treated like a celebrity when he boards an Emirates plane. The frequent flyer is regularly upgraded too the more luxury business and first class, and when crew find out about his tattoo, they often ask to pose for photos with McGinlay. Staff have also told him that his photo sits proudly on the wall of famous celebrities – alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jackson – in the company’s Dubai headquarters... McGinlay said that his friends back in the UK are less than impressed with his luxury antics, admitting that on a photo posted on social media of his first-class boarding pass and a glass of Moet, a friend commented: “I hope you choke.”"

Built on Sand: Singapore and the New State of Risk

Canada Lets Makayla Sault Die of Leukemia Over Religious Sensitivity - "On Monday, Makayla Sault, an 11-year-old from Ontario and member of the Mississauga tribe of the New Credit First Nation, died from acute lymphoblastic leukemia after suffering a stroke the previous day. This would normally not be big news in Canada or the U.S.—except for the fact that Makayla's death was probably preventable and thus unnecessary. Makayla died not only from leukemia, but from faith—the faith of her parents, who are pastors. They not only inculcated her with Christianity, but, on religious grounds, removed her from chemotherapy to put her in a dubious institute of “alternative medicine” in Florida... Her doctors say that if she had stayed on chemotherapy and standard treatment, she would have had a 75 percent chance of survival.Makayla went off chemotherapy because the Canadian government and its child protective services refused to override the parents’ and child’s wishes to discontinue treatment; after supposedly having a vision of Jesus while in the hospital, Makayla had become convinced that chemotherapy was killing her. "
Is this so different from euthanising children?

Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent Than Morning Larks

The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss - "heterosexual wives are more likely than husbands to initiate divorce. Social scientists have struggled to explain the discrepancy, variously attributing it to the sexual revolution; to women’s financial independence; to men’s failure to keep modern wives happy. Intriguingly, in Norway and Sweden, where registered partnerships for same-sex couples have been in place for about two decades (full-fledged marriage was introduced several years ago), research has found that lesbians are twice as likely as gay men to split up. If women become dissatisfied even when married to other women, maybe the problem with marriage isn’t men. Maybe women are too particular. Maybe even women don’t know what women want. These are the kinds of things that we will be able to tease out... gay and lesbian couples were fairer in their dealings with one another than straight couples, both in intent and in practice. The lesbians in the study were almost painfully egalitarian—in some cases putting money in jars and splitting everything down to the penny... lesbian couples seemed to take the practice to extremes: “It was almost like ‘my kitty, your litter'”... in all couples, the person with the higher income had more authority and decision-making power. This was least true for lesbians; truer for heterosexuals; and most true for gay men. Somehow, putting two men together seemed to intensify the sense that “money talks”... Even as they are more egalitarian in their parenting styles, same-sex parents resemble their heterosexual counterparts in one somewhat old-fashioned way: a surprising number establish a division of labor whereby one spouse becomes the primary earner and the other stays home... for married heterosexual parents, happiness tends to be U-shaped: high at the beginning of marriage, then dipping to a low, then high again. What happens in that low middle is child-rearing... women may have a “stronger general sensitivity to the quality of relationships.” Meaning maybe women are just picky, and when you have two women, you have double the pickiness. So perhaps the real threat to marriage is: women... in the decade since same-sex partnerships became legal, heterosexual marriage rates had increased 10.7 percent in Denmark, 12.7 percent in Norway, and 28.8 percent in Sweden. Divorce rates had dropped in all three countries... When, in the 1970s and early 1980s, Pepper Schwartz asked couples about their sex lives, she arrived at perhaps her most explosive finding: non-monogamy was rampant among gay men, a whopping 82 percent of whom reported having had sex outside their relationship. Slightly more than one-third of gay-male couples felt that monogamy was important; the other two-thirds said that monogamy was unimportant or that they were neutral on the topic. In a funny way, Schwartz says, her findings suggested that same-sex unions (like straight ones) aren’t necessarily about sex. Some gay men made a point of telling her they loved their partners but weren’t physically attracted to them. Others said they wanted to be monogamous but were unsupported in that wish, by their partner, gay culture, or both."

vivre l'écureuil - "1. What does “trigender” mean?
Trigender is a non-binary gender choice that liberates me from having to decide one just one gender. It means that I am simultaneously male, female, and neither.
4. Why squirrelkin?
I’ve already answered this one so I’m just going to copy and paste it from the other post.
- I’m a squirrelkin because I believe I was intended to be a squirrel, but for some reason, there was a mishap and I ended up assuming the form of a human.
- How do I know I was intended to be a squirrel? There are lots of reasons. One, I only like eating nuts. I eat nuts throughout the day and I also plant them sometimes. When I laugh, people tell me that it sounds like a squirrel. I often find myself resisting the urge to scale trees whenever I go to the park because I know the general population doesn’t understand otherkin. But I love climbing trees. I’m also a very fast runner.
- Astrally, every time I astral project, I take the form of a squirrel. This was the tipping point for me. That’s when I knew I was truly meant to be a squirrel.
5. What are headmates?
Headmates are separate individuals that inhabit the same body as I do.
7. Is this a satire account?
No. I might be a little sarcastic sometimes but I assure you, I’m as real as they come.
8. What caused you to have PTSD?
When I was younger, I went on a field trip to a farm. There was a chicken coop and at my young age, I was very fascinated by chickens. If I weren’t a squirrelkin, I’d probably be a chickenkin. Just to put into perspective how much I love chickens. So anyway, we were at the farm, and this guy just came up and picked up the chicken. He seemed to touch the chicken in inappropriate ways. And an egg fell out. And then the chicken died a little while later. As I mentioned before, this may have been a dream, but it was still very real for me. And now I cry when people are cruel to animals and it really puts me on edge too."

Healthy eating can turn into an obsession - "every time she received compliments for her discipline to eat healthily, her heart sank. “There were so many things I restricted myself from to adhere to my ritual. I ate only plain food — no sauce, oil or salt. I looked healthy but I was really miserable,” she recalled. For the last two years, Ms Lim, now 20, struggled with what doctors and registered dietitians here describe as an unhealthy desire to eat only pure or “clean” food, which may lead to poor physical, social and emotional health. Some experts refer to the condition as orthorexia nervosa, a little-researched disorder... She has seen a handful of cases where her patients are obsessed with healthy eating, such as taking only organic juices or raw vegetables... For Ms Lim, “healthy eating” at one point meant restricting herself to 30 grams of carbohydrates — just slightly more than one slice of bread — each day, and scrutinising online menus to ensure restaurants serve “healthy” dishes worth her calories before agreeing to attend social outings... “Planning my daily meals and workouts began to take over my mind in a way that made me very miserable. I refused dinner gatherings that would disrupt my regime,” Ms Lim said... While acknowledging that the screening criteria for orthorexia is ambiguous, health experts raised some red flags: Cutting out major food sources such as red meat, gluten, dairy and sugar; spending excessive amounts of time, say three or more hours a day, preparing specific types of food; scrutinising food labels and menus; and being fixated with calorie-counting, such as feeling guilty when they consume five to 10 calories more than their daily quota. SGH’s Dr Lee said: “People with orthorexia are often resistant to advice because they believe they know what a healthy diet is, and that their diet is healthy.” Dr Wang said it is important for those with eating disorders to be around a “healthy community”. “By that, I mean family and friends who take a balanced and holistic approach towards food and life.”"
More simply, you might describe people who cut out entire food sources as cranks

Ship Your Enemies Glitter revenge website sells at auction only days after launch - "Mathew Carpenter auctioned off Ship Your Enemies Glitter for a tidy sum of $85,000 this week after launching the site last week and becoming swamped with orders... Bidding hit $70,000 within hours of the site, which referred to glitter as "the herpes of the craft world," being put up for sale, according to the Guardian. It stalled and then shot up another $15,000 to the final asking price. Carpenter claims he earned $20,000 in the short time his site was accepting orders, according to the auction listing. More than 2.5 million people visited the website in its first four days."

Butts Versus Boobs: Which Do Guys Really Prefer? - "Pornhub Insights (behind one of the web’s most highly trafficked porn site’s YouPorn) calculated data on this point based on searches of butts and breasts in countries around the world, and ultimately concluded it has to do with how close to the equator someone lives. Butts came out the winner in places like South America, Latin America, and Africa. The one exception to this is Canada—our neighbors to the North apparently really appreciate a shapely butt. In the European Union, however, it was breasts that came out on top in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. What’s the verdict in America? While it varies by state, butts came out the winner overall. No real surprise there, considering our recent obsession with all things booty. Researches at the University of Buenos Aires in 2013 asked heterosexual men the same question—breasts versus butts—in a study and found that 59 percent of men preferred butts, while 38.5 percent preferred breasts. What is particularly interesting about their findings is that rarely did men attest that both traits equally contributed to a woman’s attractiveness, with only 2 percent responding that that was true for them. So it seems men really do fall into one of these buckets after all. But what does it actually mean to be a butt guy or a boob guy? A 1968 U.S. study (yeah, we’re going way back) asked 95 male college students which silhouette of a woman they found to be the most attractive. Men who preferred “large” breasts were found to have “a tendency to date frequently, to have masculine interests, and to read sports magazines…large-breast preference was related to a need for heterosexual contact and for exhibitionism (saying witty things and being the center of attention).” On the other side of the spectrum, men who preferred large butts were “characterized by a need for order (neatness, organization, orderliness)…Those who preferred the largest buttocks figure tend to be business majors…and tend not to be psychologically minded. In social situations, they are dependent and given to self-abasement (guilty, self-blaming). Their value orientation tends not to be stoic in nature.”"

The most disturbing Ris Low video ever

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