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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Someone asked me for Asian Prince links, so since I've dug them up I might as well paste them here for reference (I hope I remember to look here the next time someone wants Asian Prince resources):

http://gssq.blogspot.com/2004/06/as-harry-potter-books-get-longer-and.html ("Don't even PRETEND you aren't jealous. YOU ARE. Seeing this guy is BETTER than winning money. Way better.")

AsianPrince213's Xanga Site

Friendster - Wo-Hen




Slippery Nipples: Spotted!

Better yet, I've found some new stuff.

First, a reverse search referral lookup revealed a Korean (?) guy who looks like Wo-hen: 어쩜 이렇게 느끼할 수가

Also, a forum thread: Asia Finest Discussion Forum > TUAN ANH! with 2 new pictures!

6th December 2003

Some comments in that thread:

"When I was a kid my best friend was viet and I would go to her house all the time and her mom would listen to this vietnamese artist, he has a mustache, with a mullet and wears makeup...he even dresses in very fancy shiney clothing like a woman."

"I met him in real life before at the mall with his three big ol body guards he saw my mom looking and he smiled and nod at her..and I asked her who is that transexual hella loud...I was young at the time.."

"He is gay lol. when i was livin' in new orleans like on tet there will be a fair thing at a church and we would od stuff and viet celeberities come and stuff. so he's sitting there waitin' to sign autographs (no one wanted his). so me and my friends were bored cause we were waitin' for trish to come out and perform. so yea my friends like let's go talk to him (i was the only one who talked to him). so iwas like hi. and he's like hi. and so my friend told me to ask him and if he has any kids and so i asked and he's like yes i do. I got 9 kids. and i just was like whoa. so i asked for his autograph and then i asked him can i borrow his sharpie and he's like why. and i'm like so i can get trish's autograph. and he like uhh ok but bring it back. i guessed he was annoyed when i asked for it. o well. but i lost the calender that had his and trish's autograph on it. man that sucks. but yea. he's gay to me. lol. my mom said she was on the same plane with him and i'm like cool. i just knw he's famous and gay but i don't know anything else about him. lol"

"you guys are laughing but this guy is considered a legendary singer for the older generation and even the younger generation. he's made hit after hit songs and is the vietnamese version of elvis."

"my parents still play his hit songs while singing along to his tunes on their karaoke system. i myself, own a fairly good amount of his collection."

"i would kill for his mullet."

"he is considered a legend to all vietnamese. the way the music business is going today in VN, tuan anh is STILL consider the greatest singer in VN of all time."

"When i asked mine.They just laughed their asses off and told me,"That faggy singer(Thang bong lai cai ma noi tieng ha" is exactly what they told me and started laughing)"

"he looks indian on that cover! so he's Indian as well?" (wth?!)

"hey was Tuan Anh ever part of any band or did he ever had a partner? or a sidekick or something? can anyone find tuan anh's pix from his early days? maybe he was a girl transformed into a man?"

"My parents told me that he is married to a woman. His wife likes to dress as a man though. And it is true, he is a legend. My parents and their friends love his music."

"From what I heard this guy gets more poon than anybody I know. I am not suprised if he had gotten hold of all those fine chicks from Paris by Night gig."

Oh my god! I'm going to hyperventilate soon! (The candid shot looks a lot worse. Maybe he's showing his age. Or he finally found his website.)

Someone: you know, when i first saw him, i really thought he was a fictional character created by you
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