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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Me: I'm not good at spotting you underaged people [at clubs]
I need a bionic eye

Someone: hahaha its quite easy what.
just look for the ones with lots of eye makeup, jeans, skimpy top, one BIG group of girls.

Me: sorry was on the phone

Someone else: nah it's alright
and don't ever use sorry when talking to me

haha =p
one of my idiosyncrasies

i hate the word

Me: wth?!
... women

Someone else: not really a woman thing =p
i hate it cos it makes me feel bad when people say it to me

Sec 2 friend: Does cytokinesis happen during telophase in mitosis or does it happen after?

Wth. Why're they learning A level biology in Sec 2? And it seems the Sec 1s are learning what they're doing now. I wonder what they'll do in JC.

Someone: i've found your blog useful in one aspect
everytime i get a chain email
or someone posts stupid stuff on the forum
i just send them a copy of the Ultimate Chain Email found on your blog

Someone else: lenovo rocks
'submit feedback' button leads directly to 'cannot find server' page
this is a ploy

Me: haha
I remember the IBM days...

Someone else: oh well. they're prcs

Someone: [I've been single for] a year +
now i'm turning gay
checking guys out

Someone else: gabriel if you want more people to like you as a conversationalist, i suggest you emulate wt by being enigmatic and freaky


Me: Girls who like Jap guys who look like girls are ugly

Someone: ahhahahah

you got me really hard this time haha
i can't stop laughing irl.

Me: how many of those do you know :P

Someone: not many actually, but the question itself is hilarious haha
the thing is
it's like lesbians
usually, people think lesbians are hot
but those are girls that like girls
in this case, you're asking about girls who like guys that look like girls

;Someone else: i find them very immature
gets so excited when they see e jap guy pics or hear their names

Me: haha
I get excited when I see wo-hen pics or hear his name

Someone else: u're exceptional haha

;Noodles girl: I'M NOT UGLY.­

Someone else: yes.
guys who look like girls are hideous
and should be castrated for the better good of humanity.

girls who like jap guys are usually cheena and ugly
they usually dress terrible, read manga
speak too much terrible singaporean chinese

and are..



shugly ( shit ugly )

Someone (2): uh...­
they are not necessarily ugly, but they are painfully act-cute

;Someone (3): i know some jap looking guys with the cutest girls i've ever seen
im so jealous i wish i look jap

Me: take note
Jap guys who look like girls
not Jap guys who look like guys

Someone (3): most jap guys look like girls?
they still get all the chicks
no diff
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