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Thursday, October 19, 2006

"I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there's evidence of any thinking going on inside it." - Terry Pratchett



'If a nuclear bomb hit us, I would be the King of France.' is actually true in a true-false conditional.

Sino-US trend deficit (trade)

[On a presentation] To synchronise ourselves, we are all in black tops and sandals (our dressing)

High rates of grorth (growth)

US blair'ms China for its tread deficit (blames, trade)

The younger generation has only seen the US economy doing well. Therefore they don't know the importance of farming (saving)

[On a presentation] I hope you all understood most of that, but if you didn't, that's okay.

Em'pie'rer'curl estimates (empirical)

Desperate times calls for desperate measures (call)

[On what honesty in doing problem sets gets you] I did it myself. That's how I know I got it all wrong.

Sometimes we say one man's ponens is another man's tollens.

'State will play in a bowl game.' Who's State? What's a bowl game?

[Student: Here *hands tutor tissue*] What is it? [Student: A tissue. Unused.] Thank you.

[On EN2101E] All 4 of my literature books are about sex.

[On engineering diagrams] [Instructor: Don't you all, the Engineering guys, learn this in school?] You mean Art and Craft?

Aviation fuel is very cheap. The fuel surcharge is nonsense... How does SIA make so much money? [Me: By cutting the pilots' pay.]

[On bidding being silly] This is true. You spend more time learning bidding skills than anything [in class]

[On an essay] 'Multi-sensual instructional process'. This I don't get. What is a multi-sensual instructional process?

Last time - the chalkboard. It was very slow... while the students are copying they are thinking. What has happened now is that the syllabuses have increased by - 300%...teachers can give a lot of notes... your thinking time is compromised.

[On possible accusations of nepotism] 'What happens if my daughter gets an A?' If she gets an A she gets an A. I can't help it.

[Instructor: 15 years ago there was this stall at the Arts canteen selling kway teow... They used to have very long queues. They guy had a secret formula.] *Sotto voce* Marijuana. After a while you need 2 plates to get the same kick]

[On taking photos of public property] Newspapers, all the people... If you're in a public space, anyone can take a photo... If someone barges into my class and takes a photograph, I will take the camera and throw it away.

[On publishing an article based on another's ideas] The law of confidence. 'It's not my fault. I gave him a beer and he blurted out to me. Even though I gabe him the beer so that he would blurt it out.'

[On copyright] Multiple copies - meaning copy 1: pages 1-5, copy 2: pages 6-10? [Instructor: That's an interesting interpretation of 'multiple copies']

[On my Asian Prince card] He looks very wealthy. [Me: He is]

I like your shirt. [Me: It's doubly haram] It's triply haram, cause you're in it. [Me: Thanks]

I used to go to Church when I was young. My whole extended family is Christian. [Me: Then what happened?] I read the Bible.

[At 10:48] Here's a good time to take a short break, so be back by noon. (11)

[On rules vs discretion and crying babies] You need to have some mental fortitude and maybe a streak of cruelty to carry out this policy.

If you work it out - actually I'm not sure if I want you guys to work it out. Maybe I should leave it for the problem set. *Audience groans*

[On Central Bank independence] They're going to tell the government to go to hell.

[On property prices] Clementi region has good schools, [a] good university.

[On his homework partner filing for graduation in the middle of the term without telling him] It was so sudden. No warning at all. Like the Thailand coup.

[Me: are you motivated by his 'motivating example'?] No, it's discouraging.

[On panel data] After 1 year, age is one year more, obviously. Sex is diff... the same. *Laughs from audience*

Taking ***, they get a B from me. They are working in the same form. (got, firm)

idiosyncrity error (idiosyncratic)

[On a row of waterbottles at the back of the LT] What is this, water parade?

[On the end of the exam] All good things must come to an end.

high'poh'tee'nurse (hypotenuse)

[On Wo-Hen] It's good to have this kind of people around. I don't know about you - he makes me feel good to be normal.

[On late handing in of an assignment] I suppose that if I accept this joker's tutorial exercise, I will have to do the same thing to those [who are finishing them up now]... If you have the gall to do the same thing later, put yours on the small stack [and I will decide whether to accept them later]... [It's a form of] entertainment.

I didn't name the arguments Modus Tollens and Modus Ponens. They were already named that way... All the good arguments are named after me.

Interestingly enough, in the US every Chinese restaurant has a buffet. I used to think it was authentic. Now I don't think so anymore... Nice and greasy.
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