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Saturday, April 15, 2006

8:00 PM Why My Vote Matters-A Dialogue With Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew LKY - Google Video

Mabel Lee, 28 - Editor & Presenter; Never voted: Is that the state that you, you really want, you know, Singapore politics to have, because, bearing in mind that your GRC system results in walkovers, you have a young generation of people who really don't care about politics - A). Or B), they are even fearful, if they do get to vote *chuckles from MM* they are fearful... talking about the old people and the young people who are fearful to vote against the PAP. So, is, is this the system that we really want?

MM Lee: Are you fearful to vote against the PAP?

Mabel Lee: Perhaps, yes, or honestly - a little bit. *chuckles from MM*

MM Lee: Why? Tell me why. What will happen to you, how we will know that you voted against us?

Mabel Lee: *helpless gesture* I think we all know the answer.

MM Lee: No no, let's pursue this. Because - I'm afraid. You tell me you've gone, through O levels, A levels, University, working in 938 live and you're afraid if you vote against the PAP something will happen to you?

Mabel Lee: Ah, well. Okay.

Lee Ching Wern, 26 - Journalist; Never voted: This is the impression the PAP has created.

MM Lee: You are spreading that impression. *confused noises from everyone*

Lee Ching Wern: You can ask everyone of us here.


MM Lee: You mean to tell me you have, you're one of the 40% who voted against the PAP and something happens to you?

Ken Kwek, 26 - Journalist; Never voted: I mean, I've never voted for that matter, but I mean - we talk to hundreds of voters in the course of our work, and it's either "no comment" or "if I vote against the PAP..."

MM Lee: Let's get down. What are the hundreds of voters? You name the hundreds of voters, a few of them. Tell me.

Ken Kwek: Well, I mean I can't name them-

MM Lee: No no.

Ken Kwek: By name.

MM Lee: No, you tell me who you've spoken to and they say "we're afraid to vote..."

Irony, thou art dead.

Why almost all journalists ah.

MM Lee keeps asking people to let him finish, but he keeps interrupting the others when they talk because he's trained as a cross-examiner. Hmm.
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