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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Love Story: I talked to him because I wanted an "Ah Beng" to make my BF jealous

Love Story: I talked to him because I wanted an "Ah Beng" to make my BF jealous
(formerly on STOMP)

April experienced a lot of obstacles with Zion, but not even a miscarriage or him being attached could drive them apart.

Here is her entry for Stomp's Valentine's Day Love Story contest:

"This is how I met my husband.

"After my N level exam back in 2011, I was looking for a part time job while waiting for my N-Level results to be out. After that I went for an interview and the company accepted me.

"The company was divided into different storeys. I was working at level 1 and he was working at level 2.

"After a month or so, I was told to go to the level 2 to continue with another project. That is where I met him.

"His colleague helped him to search high and low for my Facebook account -- and she found it. But during that time, I had a boyfriend who didn't really care about me and was flirting with his ex-girlfriend. He have never spoke to me at all.

"Until one Saturday when I went back to work, I went to my desk after going to the washroom and found out there was a piece of small note he wrote containing his number and asked me to message him.

"During that time, I was hesitating whether I should message him as I had a boyfriend that time. I'm a loyal person who won't cheat on my boyfriend but I just don't know why, I had the urge to message him when I saw the piece of note on my desk.

"Maybe I wish to have an Ah Beng friend to make my boyfriend jealous. Because during that time, he had a piercing at his lips and he was a smoker. HAHA

"Before that day ended, I messaged him and we start a chat happily. From then on, He had been coming to find me whenever there was a break from work.

"He mostly gave up his smoking time and came to accompany me whenever he could.

"Until when I was leaving the company in December, he went to buy a melody soft toy to make me remember him and in that moment that he passed it to me, made me fall in love with melody and him.

"But I couldn't do this as I had a boyfriend. After I left the company, we stopped contacting and he got back with his ex-girlfriend.

"I started working part time and studying at the same time at ITE college central (bishan).

"In April, I broke off with my boyfriend and remained single for the time being. After which, He came to text me just like a normal friend and we started teasing and talking to each other even though he had a girlfriend at that moment.

"Until October 2012, my sister finished her N-levels too and wanted a job with my previous company so I asked him for the HR personal contact number and after which I had a lot of chances to meet him every morning.

"After a few days of meeting and talking, he decided to broke off with his girlfriend and be with me.

"I told him not to as she loves him so much. But he said that he loves me more than her.

"I was so touched at that moment. He gave up his chance to go Genting with the girlfriend to celebrate her birthday.

"One day in 19 October 2012, 8am, he asked me if I could be his girlfriend and I said 'yes'

"He started to end early most of the time to be on time to fetch me from work at 6pm and send me home safely.

"There after, many obstacles camr our way but nothing could break us apart.

"In April, it was his birthday and I organised a birthday BBQ for him and his family. I saved up to get him a gift that he wanted for very long which is a gold necklace.

"He was so happy when he got that. In June, I found out I was pregnant with his child and after a month of checkups, we planned to tell my parents about it but during that moment, our child couldn't stay in my tummy anymore.

"We lost him/her.

"After that, my parents wanted us to get married.

"After much planning and lots of ups and down, on 19 October 2013, we finally settled down with our two beloved family witnessing our love blossom from there.

"In 2014, lots of bad things came our way, making us quarrel over small matters. But nothing can break us apart.

"In February, I received a called from him while I was studying and he told me that he had a fall in his office and an ambulance was sending him to CGH.

"After hearing this, I literally ran all the way from my school to CGH. It was 2 bus stops away. Running and worrying whether is he alright.

"After the check at emergency, he was warded. After a few scans during the few day stays there, he was told that they couldn't do anything about it as they do not have the tools to help him for operation.

"He was then sent to NUH after which and a doctor took over the case. After the injury healed, his doctor realised his leg wasn't straight and one side longer than the other.

"They suggested another operation to make it both even. He was recovering well.

"Until now, he was my longest relationship which I had and lots of ups and downs with. I hope there will be a longer road for us to go as a couple.

"Thank you for reading. I don't hope to win but I wish to let everyone know my love story."
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