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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The plans for totalitarian feminist social engineering move onward again

BBC: Forum - Sixty Second Idea to Improve the World: Become a trio of selves (9 Dec 2014):

Peter Anderson: If we look at what we call the innocence of children or what we sometimes think of as the wisdom of the elderly, what one's looking at often there are simply stages in life in which the, that intense gender binary is not quite so present.

I think both children and older people are able to occupy selves that are not so defined by that categorisation.

And for me, the first and simple practical step is just as we ban tobacco advertising in many countries, alcohol advertising and so on, we just ban gender-based advertising. Just stop there. Whack it out. No blondes on bonnets. End it there.

Lisa Bortolotti: Wonderful.

Bridget Kendall: No more pink and blue for little boys and little girls.

Peter Anderson: No more pink and blue.

I'm very pleased at the success of that idea.

Bridget Kendall: Lots of purple, apparently.

Of course, children and older people are not so defined by the gender binary because they are not of a reproductive age.

So impotence is seen as virtue.
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