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Thursday, January 22, 2015

"And we lived happily till this day"

Another gem:

Singapore Seen | Love Story: I felt I won 4D when I got her number... until I found out she had a BF

"It was his last day at work when Chong Hao blurted out nervously,"Can I have your number?" to a colleague he had never talked to before. He was surprised that it was the start of a wonderful relationship with Carol.

Here is their entry for Stomp's Valentine's Day love story contest 2015:

"All this happened three years ago in a company which I was working in at that time. While in a lift one day, I was waiting for the lift to stop at my destination floor.

"The door swung slowly open and a sweet-looking girl standing outside the lift appeared before my eyes. I was so mesmerised by her the moment she looked into my eyes when I looked into her.

"Then after pausing a few seconds, she showed me the sweetest smile and walked into the lift. From that moment onwards, I found what I am looking for, my true love.

"Days gone and I had not seen her again. Maybe she was from oversea branch coming here to work on short assignment?

"Many thoughts ran through me and I tried to find an explanation as to why I saw her at the lift and was not able to find her again after so many days.

"Then one day, while at the photocopy machine doing my routine update duplicating for the meeting later, I sensed someone was standing behind me and watching over me. Then I turned around out of curiosity and when I looked behind, I saw her standing right in front of me.

"Without knowing what to do or what to say, I saw her sweet smile again and she asked me if I was done photocopying, I don’t what I said or did after that.

"The next moment I realized my conscious self, I was already sitting at my desk. What happened? Think I freaked out and lost a sense of time. What a power she had over me.

"And in the next few days I always saw her at the same photocopy machine. I begin asking around and checking on her with all connectiona I had in the company, the boss, engineers, workers and even the cleaner to get all sorts of information I could about her.

"Weeks went by and each time I met her, she just smiled at me. And I begin to smile back at her. Until finally one day, I worked up the courage to talk to her.

"I found her desk and I just walked over and approached her. The first words I spoke to her were "Can i have your number?".

"I told myself, this is not a good way to start a conversation with anyone. I felt so wrong that I thought I was going to be rejected immediately.

"My first attempt to court a girl was going to fail terribly, and I thought of all the failure I will have in the future: I will fail my exam, lose my job and lose my money in investment.

"All negative thoughts just flew into my mind in that 2 seconds after I asked her “Can I have your number?"

"Then after the pause, came an answer, "Ok. My number is xxxx". I took the number and exchanged my number with her and left.

"I went straight to the toilet and WOW! I was feeling like I was flying, overjoyed with happiness like I had just won the 4D.

"Immediately, I started to SMS her. That day, that night and almost every day and almost every night.

"We talked about so much things, likes, dislikes, habits, favourites, beliefs, etc. This continued for months and until one fine day, I got the courage again to ask her out for dinner.

"Then came the worst, deepest blow of my life -- she already has boyfriend.

"I was sad, my life went on for many months without SMS-ing her. But I felt good that I was not breaking up her relationship.

"Until one day after so many months. She SMS-ed me. And I found out that she had broken up.

"This was a chance, an opportunity for me to woo her.

"Then more SMSes, more talks over the phone and eventually, I ask her out again. This time, she accepted and our meeting was so happy.

"We met up more until one fine day, I asked her to be my girlfriend.

"And that day marked the beginning of our loving relationship. We ate together, talked every night, shopped together, toured together and did almost everything that a couple does together for company.

"And we lived happily till this day. When I look back, I sometimes wonder, why was the first question I ask her was for her number?

"Only now have I found out the main reason that I did that -- I was desperate to see her again as I had quit my job and that was my last day, my last hour, my last minute in that company.

"So the saying is true, desperate times will have desperate men doing desperate actions.

"I dedicate this love story to her and our happy days we spent together and which we will spend together in the next decades of our life together. Love you always.""
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