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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

On getting help in Singapore

On seniors tapping their EZ-links to get more time to cross the road: "This is a really dumb idea. A senior with a walking stick who needs more time will have so much difficulty and inconvenience taking her EZ link out, tapping, and keeping it. If she is carrying groceries or umbrella, meaning she needs even more time, it's going to be even harder to tap. The young teen on the other hand, just has to press button. Why make it harder for those whose life is already hard? why not, if you need less time, tap your EZ link?

Very typical of the "help" in Sg. The default is always convenient. But if you are poor, you need to fill in a million forms and prove you are poor, to get subsidies. That makes your life even harder, wastes your time when you could be working. A lot of those who cannot read or fill in forms are poor , and they can't access the help. The ones who can jump through the extra admin hurdles , by selection, probably
don't need help. Is it any wonder "help" agencies complain about scammers?"

Someone: "The common sense way is for the drivers of vehicles to wait for everyone to cross before proceeding on their way. But I guess all hell will break loose if we 'inconvenience' the drivers"
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