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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Conversations - 3rd July 2012

Someone: there is apparently a scam giong around
where a girl accuses a guy of outrage of modesty in a club
gets him to settle outta court by giving her $10k
dunno whether true or not


my gal fren has a theory
it's like the mean girls theory
u get a guy, then victimise him for your friends' entertainment
and to look "good" and "sought after" by men

Me: men dont like used goods leh

Someone: what rubbish
if u're raped MAYBEEE
but girls nowadays i think they dun really care for that
they just want the popularity + money

Me: hmm ok
money is a big thing
popularity... dont think so
other girls may say 'what a slut. no wonder she was molested'
sympathy is a better reason

Someone: i think most guys would rather boast about bedding a
loose girl than a chaste one :p
girls dun care what other girls say
in fact, it's an indirect compliment
we read it as jealousy

Me: really. one of the hugest things girls care about is
whether they're 'sluts'
(the largest thing they care about, of course, is whether they look good)

Someone: they dun like being called sluts by guys
they want all the good stuff about being a slut
eg. sexual liberation, being "desirable" and powerful etc
but not the bad connotations
trust me
i've been there :p
(am still there, really)

Someone else working in computer security:
tt's what happens when u use social networks

Me: CloudFlare boss’s Gmail hacked in redirect attack on 4Chan - hack, CloudFlare, 4chan - CSO | The Resource for Data Security Executives
that's what happens when you use email

Someone else: ...

Me: =D
shall I show you what happens when you use computers?

Me: why do gay clubs all have steam rooms

Someone: how would I know about gay cubs

Me: you're a lesbian. you're closer to the gay world than I am ;)

Someone: im also the furthest you can possibly be from gay club culture

Me: sad.
I'll ask you if I have any queries about... knitting

Someone else: how she became a taitai entrepreneur even without getting married is a mystery"

Me: does she know eduardo?

Frigid Girl: Among other revelations, they discovered what makes people
attractive to others frequently comes down to exposure, which is good news for those good at persistence.

Read more:

actually i've seen a real life eg of persistence myself

*** chased a girl for 4 years
even when she kept telling him she's not interseted
she finally got interested when he left her alone when he went to army
i was very amused

Me: when a lady says no...
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