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Friday, July 06, 2012

Observations - 6th July 2012

The Hilliard Ensemble does "the most bored, beyond perfunctory rendition of any set of Bach chorales ever"

If one of your feet is in a cast, the other shouldn't be on heels - even kitten heels

Quite sure the AWARE takeover was partly inspired by the hullabaloo about 377A.

Annoyed by SUTD's sexist advertising. It took a misogynist to point that out.

"personally, i'm ok with activists, it's the "angry" prefix i have a problem with... why cannot be activist in a chill manner????"

"hk dramas have a lot of cops. Taiwan dramas have bitches fighting. Korean dramas have designers acting cute"
Friend: "Korean dramas have a lot of effeminate/emasculated men, whiny/unreasonable women and ridiculous love triangles"
Me: No wonder they're so popular. People like melodrama (it was said Jap dramas fell out of favour for being too subtle)

"If you don't feel sorry for yourself, who will?" (turns out I'd thought of this 11 years ago, when it hadn't registered any hits on Google yet)

Since we see ourselves reflected in the faces of our children, having children is the epitome of narcissism.

Seen online: "I really detest ghetto Meleis. Its a very class divide thing. I come from middle class educated Malay family. I feel very disgusted even TOUCHING an uneducated Malay. Yucks yucks yucks ghetto people should all be exterminated. They like to steal wallets and cellphones."

Hurr hurr. Sometimes framing issues as race-based is less helpful than looking at them through the lens of class. And a wilful obsession with the lens of race means one will be unable to solve problems that aren't really (or not only, at least) about it (North vs South Indians being another issue)

“If abortion is murder, then a blowjob is cannibalism”

"In the spirit of International Women’s Day, go forth and buy a nice little something for yourself"

RT @maarimekko Pakistanis have fucking weird names. Akbar Zeb means Biggest Dick in Arabic. Bhutto means Clitoris in Malay. Hina means Insult in Indonesian

"TIL if you run a windows virtual machine on your mac, your ipad wont charge even though ITS THE SAME PHYSICAL PORT #macisstoopid"

RT @sickipediabot: I have a cold shower every morning. Right after my wife and daughters have finally finished having fucking hot ones.

RT @ImLeslieChow: Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. We can put a stop to this, together! Please Retweet.

RT @eskimon If you need to give away an iPad in order for people to notice you, there's a good chance your product simply isn't engaging enough.

RT: @9GAG: If video games make you violent, does monopoly make you a millionaire?
Me: More like: does it make you avaricious and scheming

"A vile bug fest that is a testament to corporate greed" - Review of @stcom's Android app

@eisen: "Why do some people tweet in reply to others, then delete those tweets? It puzzles me. When I retrieve those conversations I only get replies from one party, which kind of defeats the purpose of social networking then, no?"
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