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Thursday, July 03, 2008

"The only paradise is paradise lost." - Marcel Proust


Japan trip
Day 3 - 8th June - Meiji jingu, Tokyo
(Part 1)

The weather forecast the day before had said that this day had a 80% chance of seeing precipitation. I was toying with visiting Nikko, but went to sleep too late and decided not to be silly. Luckily, it didn't rain much this day.

I wanted to visit Jingu bashi to see freaky people, but they weren't there yet so I went to the Meiji shrine first.

Although, like many traditional Japanese buildings in cities, it was rebuilt after the War, it was rebuilt in Cypress Wood and not in concrete.




Bridge and forest

The alcohol store

French wine, and blurb. French wine for the Meiji shrine.

Otorii and blurb


Place to wash


Collecting donations (I can't remember if it was for the Sichuan earthquake victims)


I also saw a wedding while I was there:

Getting ready

Say Cheese

The couple

Marriage procession

Ema (votive tablets) and blurb

"Please... Please, let me find a way to stay in Japan and become a singer here"

"My Goals
- To be 10th Dan Bujinkan
- Retired when I'm 35
And my wish that will definitely happen is to marry a cute, beautiful Japanese girl which we are honest, trustful and respectful with each other."

My ema:

"Sic semper tyrannis
Vive la Révolution!
PS: Less is more"

I don't know why people cramp so much onto their ema. It seems to me concentrating Shinto power is a better strategy.

Someone: I wonder how often do the temples throw them away?

Main Shrine

I met a group of kids from Teck Whye Secondary School there. I asked one and he said they were there to "learn about Japanese culture and visit Japan".

I theorise the curtains are to block spy shots

Instructions and donations bin

They had an exhibition of bonsais, other plants and rocks

Place to washup

I thought the one in pink with 2 ponytails was a spillover from the freaky people crowd
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