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Friday, July 04, 2008

"For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three." - Alice Kahn


Considering that Wagner's Ring was a critique of misguided power, that Wagner called Bismarck "a brutal barbarian" and that he was appalled at the militarism of post-1871 Germany, the sad irony of Hitler's admiration for him is exceeded only by that of Israelis who denounce Wagner and attack (physically or otherwise) musicians who try to perform his music in Israel.

My friend went into a bag shop and asked how much a Chanel bag was. $3,400. Wah, can go Japan again.

The plastic bag that I got from Vilnius Airport's Duty Free shop was red. On returning, I carried it around and noticed my hands becoming red. And the bag becoming less red. Gah. This is probably alright for their business, since those who leave Vilnius Airport will never visit it again.

I happened to walk into a Chinatown sex shop and discovered that one butt plug ($59) was 6x more expensive than a comparable model in Japan (750Y). If I bought 15 and flew back I'd be able to afford my air ticket. Sex shop owners here must make a killing, unless there's some exorbitant sex good levy (COE revenues are lacking after a while).

Irritatingly, companies like to "regret to inform you that only shortlisted [job] applicants will be notified". Someone should write on his CV that "only shortlisted companies will be notified".

BJ shakes are more expensive and less thick and flavourful than those from Carl's Jr. Too much milk, not enough ice cream.

Why do they like to recruit gravure stars for Sentai?!

In Singapore, "Native English Speaker" just means "Ang Moh".

I'm amused that in Borders, 'Defeating Darwinism' is under the 'Christianity' section, not 'Science'.

I saw a Malay family at Carl's Jr. I didn't see what they were eating, but the women were not wearing headscarves.

I had some Sakura ice cream. I can't really describe the flavour.

Yellafellas looks interesting, but there goes another random idea.

Cafe Cartel may have bad service, but they're the first people to ask me, upon making payment, if I have any credit cards that will give me a discount on my bill.

More ways in which China is a bullying bastard: on the Vietnam border, large monoliths are used as markers. China always send troops to the border to move the monoliths a few km to their advantage. Vietnamese troops sent to move them back are ambushed, so they have to be careful.

HWMNBN says all the women he's worked with and asked would rather work with men than women.

I can't get over how SportsmenAsia, "the definitive sportswear and fashion lifestyle store based in Singapore", sells buttplugs (look under "Lifestyle"). I am told that this is because "SMA's clientele includes "SportsMen" & gay men. :) - comprende? :)". What's even more funny is that they sell Fleshlight Lady-s (albeit censoring the opening), which you don't see Fleshjack doing.
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