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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Case for Christ was probably the worst nonfiction book I'd ever read.

One thing I couldn't understand, though, was why the apologists the author talked to kept addressing the strangest straw men, like the possibility that someone had stolen Jesus' body from the tomb (or gone to the wrong tomb), which was why we had a tomb with a missing body, since those who rejected the empirical evidence for Christianity almost never pointed to this (instead looking at more serious, fundamental and basic problems with the evidence).

It took the Reason Drive Podcast's Easter Special, where they spoke with Bob Price, to clear things up.

The strange behavior of the apologists has its roots in a 19th century dispute between the Rationalists and the Fundamentalists. Both believed that the Bible was literally true, but the Rationalists were committed to a naturalistic explanation of the narrative, which was why they came up with strange theories like Jesus' walking on water being due to there being rocks hidden beneath the water, and his appearing to multiply fish and bread being due to his sitting in front of a cave, and someone inside passing him more fish and bread. It is the rationalist explanations that modern-day apologists are addressing, and not the real objections that are raised today.
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