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Thursday, July 03, 2008

"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind." - Aristotle


IDEAL ("I Don't Eat A Lot") aka Hum Sup Guy's food intake from 3pm till 5pm:

(Small) plate of wanton mee, Lavender Food Square

It's supposed to be quite famous. The char siew was lousy, the wanton were okay, the noodles were not bad and the pool of oil they were served in was very tasty. The portion was tiny though (this is the small, $3.50 serving)

Turtle soup, half a turtle paw and half a bowl of rice, Berseh Food Centre

The soup was herbal, with a slight bitter aftertaste coming from the XO. It has a strong resemblance to Chinese herbal mutton soup - it must be the herbs. Turtle meat is interesting, though it has a lot of funny chewy tissue, but as with most other exotic meats, there's a reason it remains exotic.

Pig's intestines, Berseh Food Centre

I didn't have any intestines, but had 2 chicken wings from the pseudo-Western place (on the better end of pseudo-Western chicken wings).

Peanuts, "手拉手" PRC-run Chinese restaurant

Tofu with century egg (he gave me a small corner so he could say he shared it with me)

6 Xialongbao (I told him to order the basket with 5, he ordered the one with 8 because if he ordered 5 and I only ate 1 as I'd planned, it'd be bad luck)

The XLB were alright. Nothing to write about, either way.

He had breakfast this morning, and before meeting me he had "some fish thing" he refused to elaborate on. It could be anything from a fishcake to an entire steamed fish.

Other amusing bits:

With a Hum Sup Look as he feels the early birthday present I got him (he kept sniffing the bag also)

"Kelantan Kway Chap" - I didn't know they had it in Kelantan.

A shop selling a strange combination of Tyres and Durians

One Jalan Besar 7-11. One 500ml Yeo's Tea / Asian Drink costs $2.20. There was a promotion (from 2 July to 12 August) - 2 for $1.80 which was clearly stated on the fridge, but the clad woman at the counter obstinately refused to honour their promotion even when I pointed out the sign to her, since when she scanned the 2 bottles (Yeo's Peach Tea and Yeo's Chrysanthemum) in at the cashier it said $4.40 and she couldn't think out of the box. Luckily, since photography is not forbidden in 7-11s I was able to get proof of their false advertisement.
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