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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy National Day!

For my National Day Special, I would like to announce that after more than 6 months, I have finally managed to obtain Royston Tan's excellent and critically acclaimed short film "Cut" from my source. It's even patriotically themed, with red and white costumes and props. is a bit slow, but it was the only suitable hosting provider I could find. So press the play button but wait for the bar to be suitably long before watching the film.

I would've gone to YouTube, but the limit is 100 MB/10 minutes. This file was 209mb/14 minutes. I coudld've split it in 2, but that'dve been messy. I then tried Google Video, but there was a problem with their uploader and everytime I hit 67.0 MB it looped back to 66.0 MB. I emailed tech support but it's been a while (almost a week - I got the file the day I returned) and the problem still hasn't been resolved.

So I looked for a suitable hosting provider, and found - they support unlimited sized files, but I was panicking for a while after uploading because they gave me the impression that they were just hosting the AVI instead of streaming it, since I didn't see the current flash window but the normal WMP plugin window, linked to the source file, and the HTML for linking the file was for the WMP applet.

If you know of a faster video hosting provider with suitable file size limits, please leave a comment or otherwise tell me.

Selected scenes:

And we say: thank you to the censors,
The scenes you're chopping,
Thanks for all the crime you're stopping.

How to live without you?
There's so much I mustn't know,
Doesn't it show?

As long as you think it's no good, it must go,
So I say thank you Madam Censor,
For saving our country!

Must cut! Too violent, must cut!
Must cut! Show durian, must cut!
That one, got lesbian,
This one, got streetgang,
That one, can see the see butt fatt. [Ed: fatt = butt in cantonese. Thanks to northwindbrat for the correction.]

They said in time,
Let Singaporeans make their own decisions,
They were wrong!
(Refrain: They were wrong!)

They said in Newsweek,
Our public is discerning in its viewing,
Wait long long!
(Refrain: Wait long long!)

We built a nation,
Quick to judge.
But when it comes to morals,
We need that moral nudge.
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