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Sunday, November 03, 2002

With my lame foot, my options are limited.

Heh heh I found an option in the System Configuration Utility that allows you to limit physical memory. It specifies the maximum amount of physical memory Windows 98 will use.

I'm using 100MB now. System's at a crawl, but problems seem to be gone. And Norton Diagnostics doesn't show any problems with memory.

The pain relief lotion - LMS (Methyl Salicylate Lint.) that the SAF gives smells unnervingly like that you get from Chinese medicine shops - an off-Sarsaparilla scent. And it doesn't work, too.

Hmm this guy says his jv16 Powertools' Registry Cleaner is the best on the market.

Shocking statistics! Perfidious cover ups! Diabolical concealment!

The lotion's smell must be driving me mad.
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