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Monday, November 04, 2002

This is ridiculous. They look like they're posing for a movie.

The Last Action Heroes!

HERE COME THE MEN IN BLACK: Special undercover Indonesian police officers showcased their anti-terrorism tactics during a demonstration at the Brigade Mobile Police headquarters in Jakarta yesterday. The demonstration was held to show that the government was ready to face any terror threat.

[From 30th Oct's Straits Times]

Lively Star Control 2 Discussion Thread

They're remaking SC2 in time for the 10th Anniversary. Yes 2002 is the 10th Anniversary. Woo hoo!

Quicktime Commercial for the remake

Toys for Bob - the company set up by Paul Ford and Fred Reiche III, which is remaking it

Estimated time of release - November 2002 (At least that's what they say)

Estimated price - FREE

Open Source too.

Someone on Zhen1 Qing2:

i think there has already been 5 kidnapping cases
and they used the same good ol' cliches
mr. a broke up
then he goes to a park
then he sees a lovey dovey couple
haha quite funny

extremely heart warming eh
the people in zhenqing are always eating by the way

NB: Above person just got me into trouble. Gah.

My sources tell me Horse is in Prague now!
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