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Saturday, November 09, 2002

Had dinner with Kairen at Bishan's Dome. We were supposed to work on GP, but in the end... Well.

On the way there, I met Zhixiang and his J1 A01C water polo friend who were also taking the train from Orchard. Zhixiang was at the gym in the morning and and swimming in the afternoon. He proclaims that army training is 'nothing' compared with what he used to do. Hehe. So committed.

I asked the J1 if he knew Yechao. Apparently he's quite popular now. He asked if I knew he was attached, and I replied that I did and that his girlfriend was very screwed up ;) And apparently the new vice-principal is very strict, and he's making RJ like other schools. Sad, very sad.


But then again: "that was last time mindef....
now is damn boring, conducting checks whole day, no more stayout, and no more off.
try standing out there and wave at cars for 5 hrs and you will understand"

Oh well.

Comments on blogs of friends:

"yechao's blog is irritating....
hm.. there's the jugs blog you post in (what fucking morons)
aureate's blog is okay
there's kun (??)
there's the yaoi blogs
there's the mugger blog
there's flippant.blogspot.com
the list goes on

aureate's blog is pretty interesting"
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