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Monday, November 04, 2002

I've always thought he looked like a clown.

Yaoi Girl's arms are aching from "carrying boxes of sweets and cds around".

Bah :)

I'd love to see females carrying chairs next time. Sexism is evil.

"as I ate my dinner I was gratified to find out that he had got close to the part where surely manly comradely kingly kinly and whatever other ties don't go as far, Aragorn and Boromir! Or, I have yet to see what reason you had for lying full body on top of Boromir, Mister Aragorn, Sez the Evenstar. You know, if you've watched the show.

So. Anticipation."

You. Stop thinking filthy and perverted (in all senses of the word) thoughts.

Or I'm gonna pick up Yuri just to annoy you.

Stanley's doing office work for the CID now.

I repeat: How come everyone gets all the cushy jobs?!
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