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Friday, November 08, 2002

Pithy quote: "Keep your friends close, and your friend's wife even closer."

More scary referrals.

"Kids lolita sex" - Starting to get a bit weary of all the pedophilia floating around, and just why so much of it gets steered to this blog. We're not all sweaty, child-lusting perverts hanging out around a primary school, right? Right??

"Foxes having sex in animations." - Perhaps someone looking for hu li jing porn.

"Numbers handphone from gay personal in Indonesian" - Aren't there enough gay Indonesians around? And how many of them have handphones?

"Burgermeister Meisterberger pics" - .. Right. I swear, Kris Kringle always scared me more in that classic Christmas flick.

"origin of kimberly" - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was "Gah" (or "Air").

"Singapore NUS chio SOC", "chio nygh girls", "jasmine kok rgs", "scgs rgs icq" - ARGHARGHARGH. PEOPLE! If we had access to chio women, would be even bother blogging so damn much?????? Has it ever occurred to you that people who talk so much about girls' schools and chioness are the people least likely to be actually out doing (something about) them (chio girls)????? And would chio girls need to leave their contact details on the net, given that they're more popular than a keg of Tiger at a contractors' convention, and their handphone numbers have probably been passed around more often than a hors d'oeuvres tray? FACE FACTS - the only women on the net looking for dates are those so butt ugly they can't get a date or even someone to tell them the time in real life, or those with obscure and freaky interests (disorders) that can only be assuaged on the net (yaoi, crocheting, Hello Kitty pics, or bestiality). Same applies for males (*raises hand*), but remember, considering that, ceteris paribus, females are on the "limited supply" end while males are on the "overwhelming demand" corollary - any female who ISN'T able to get some in real life in the face of such (meat)market conditions must have serious ISSUES. (such as morality, celibacy, prudishness, bulimia, etc). Males, on the other hand, even some of the average and not so bad ones, HAVE NO DAMN CHOICE at times.

The above is of course discounting people who go on the net for legitimate reasons such as furthering one's body of knowledge, enlightened discourse with like-minded fellows, maintaing contacts with distant friends and loved ones, and keeping up with world events and social developments. And neopets. Ahem.

And below is an excerpt from a brilliant article which goes into the reasons why I've seriously cut down my irc usage.

"As online ads become more aggressive and clever and self-consciously crafted, what impact does that have on the human interactions that result from them? What does it mean to peddle yourself so effectively before you even meet your prospective partner? Can there possibly be any room left for the real, flawed, fragile human behind the ad?
And after buying into the suave, vegan pancake-maker and cognac-sipping reader of Whitman, can you possibly accept the humble, nervous accountant who stands before you? With such a marketing blitz, followed by frisky, flirtatious instant messaging and countless e-mails, followed sometimes even by long midnight conversations and phone sex, is it remotely possible not to be disappointed with the real thing?"

However, it's not just in the dating scene; it also applies somewhat in the platonic relationships / friendships arena. Although making platonic friends online seems far less stigmatizing, as the net represents the most efficient way for like-minded people with similar interests to get together and chat. But the issue of distorted perceptions and unrealistic expectations still remain - not to mention all the various solecisms and misinterpretations because there's no denotative body language or vocal tone context to put a statement in.

The text on a screen is not a person. But then again, in its defense, someone has once wrote that all perception of another human being is mediated in some way; through the eyes, ears, senses - so why shouldn't words on a screen (e-mail, icq) be just as valid a representation of an individual as far as communication and interaction is concerned? This person also added, "At least online one is consciously aware of the distortions; whereas in real life, we take them for granted." Very good point.

Ah well. Another pithy quote: "The worst part about being Bill Gates is not knowing if your hand is having sex with you just for the money."

[Ed: Well, maybe a secondary school.

And wah. A correct referral for once. Though Jasmine Kok doesn't have a blog afaik.

Why'd anyone make a list of ICQ UINs of RGS and SCGS girls? Anyway M$N's the rage nowadays.]
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