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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Conversations - 8th May 2018

A: the strange thing about sangy is that her antics over the years have made me more proud to be chinese and less tolerant of minorities when they start to make noise. imagine that
and that's saying a lot given I am not a chinese-educated chinese
pressing ethnocentric buttons works both ways"

B: The irony is she doesn't go back to where she's the majority but goes somewhere else to be a minority to whine about being a minority. She definitely has a persecution complex.

A: she believes that all tamils are being oppressed
also she hates tamil men
so there is no place for her to go to

Me: "from what I've heard, if you're one guy in a women's studies class you get so much pussy"

A: As someone who was one of only two men in a module in feminist studies (which I scored an A for, I might add), I can tell you that it is not true.

Me: Wow why did you take that class

A: Well it seemed a lot more interesting than Syntax and Sentence Structure.
And so I can tell rabid feminists I know what I'm talking about cos I got an A in it.

B: ^^^^^
Famous last words.

A: Kumbaya + envy + persecution mindset = sjw

I note that social activism groups become toxic once a lot of their initial goals have been met

Could be due to mission creep or manipulative opportunists joining the movement as it becomes more popular

B: Don't just fist pump. Turn around, do a sweeping point at everyone else and shout "LOSERS!"


A: *triggered

I think I have figured out the difference between sjw privilege and underprivileged as we commonly understand it

SJW privilege sees all unequal outcomes as inherently unfair even if these advantages came from people having their shit together

Fat woman is morally superior to one who worked to keep fit because she has less access to good outcomes

Sjw privilege also carries on to issues that a person could realistically do something about

Such as minorities picking up Chinese or letting their children do so if they want to break into jobs requiring a Chinese speaker

SJW also views the transference of advantages that one generation worked hard to get to future ones as a sin

Therefore if you are born in Sg you are "privileged" and need to give what your ancestors worked hard to earn for you to other parties to level things out

The notion of you working to solidify these advantages by building on them causes the SJW to go insane, because it goes against the anticompetitive ethos of the people who jump onto these bandwagons

All this is very different from the commonly understood notion of needing to help the underprivileged- those by whom nature has dealt a bad hand through no fault of their own

B: yah

so i'm for helping the underprivileged
disabled or orphans etc

but when it comes to something that you can work on... and you choose not to... then... go and die lor

A: I read this article where this doctor was against reading to your kids

Because it privileges them versus kids whose parents don't have the time to do so


B: yes

and so we should make sure all kids are malnourished too because you know, some kids are

and please inject all kids with viruses and diseases and amputate as necessary
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