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Monday, May 07, 2018

Observations - 7th May 2018

"If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today." - Thomas Sowell


If the courts in Singapore knew that the right legal ruling would cause racial riots, how would they rule? National Propaganda always talks about the Maria Hertogh riots, but they never say what should've been done. Probably because there would've been no good outcome

If so many laws in Singapore have an exemption for the government doesn't that mean that the government is above the law? Rule of law means that the government is constrained by the law, after all

One big problem with the National Myth of NS is that it's played like a trump card that no one can ever argue with. Given the breathless rhetoric, it's almost like serving NS is as good as dying for your country. And when it conflicts with other narratives (like importing foreigners to augment/replace the shrinking population)...

Why are libertarians so in love with markets and property rights, excluding other forms of human interaction and organisation?

If, as leftists tell us, free trade agreements are anti democratic aren't international law and international organisations anti-democratic? Down with the UN!

What happens if someone with a guide dog wants to enter a space occupied by someone with a dog allergy?

Meritocracy and social immobility are only contradictory if one assumes merit is randomly distributed in the population

"The thread could be about chocolate chip cookies and you'd find a way to bring Trump into the discussion. 😁"

"Most US police departments only require a high school diploma. Pretty scary."
Why is elitism okay in certain situations?

[On Crazy Rich Asians] "In any case, it’s a fiction? Surely, it perpetuates certain stereotypes but hey i dont watch harry potter and believe there are some magical beings flying the skies of UK."

"a Hollywood reproduction of a Hollywood storyline... with Asian faces... Hollywood studios and a Hollywood distribution company. Plus Kevin Kwan and Jon Chu are only slightly more Asian than I am (and I have no Asian heritage AFAIK)! As they say in the movie ... Asian on the outside, White on the inside."
The bar for "diversity" gets ever higher

Quite sure that those who demand that the media must portray "reality" would protest and complain about racism if the majority of drug addicts in Singapore media were Malay

"Adolf Hitler was a failed liberal arts student who blamed everything on ethnicities he deemed privileged."

"there was a discussion thread on the Holocaust
and some black person said fuck Jews, black people are dying
long story short, someone came out and said "Jews never asked for anything special cos they went thru the Holocaust. They just carried on. BLack people are often asking for handouts because of something that happened hundreds of years ago to their ANCESTOR"

"a liberal acquaintance was challenging me to prove that liberals were less tolerant of dissenting views than conservatives, i posted him the studies which showed liberals were 3 times more likely to unfriend.
he unfriended me."

"What Trump has done since election:
- Made nothing but positive statements;
- Said gay marriage is established law
- Won't repeal Obamacare but may improve it
- Refuses to accept presidential salary;
-Told his supporters that are causing issue to stop;

What Hilary's supporters have done since his election:
- Rioted;
- Attempted to change politics via mob rule;
- Disowned their children"

‘’Women make up more than half of the world’s population and potential. It is neither just nor practical for their voices to go unheard… Women need a seat at the table. And when that isn’t available, then you know what? They need to create their own table.’’
"Said Meghan markle...... Marrying into royalty.... Rather than making her own table"

"What boys [will be] boys really means: "guys rough house and are kind of gross"
What feminist say boys [will be] boys means: "Men believe rape is ok especially if they were wearing something revealing""
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