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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Deeper Meaning of Li Bai

Q: 解释李白这首诗的意义井分析作者的心理:


A: 答: 一个叫明月的姑娘在李白面前脱了个精光,她的皮肤就像地上的雪一样白,李白抬头看着明月姑娘,低头却又想起了远在故乡的老婆,这首诗充分的表现诗人李白在他乡嫖妓时的矛盾心理


Q: Explain the meaning of this poem of Li Bai's and analyse well the thoughts of the author

A: Answer: A maiden called Ming Yue stripped naked in front of Li Bai, her skin was as fair as the snow which lay on the ground, Li Bai lifted his head to gaze upon the maiden Ming Yue, but lowered his head and thought of his faraway wife back home, this poem amply expresses the poet Li Bai's conflicted feelings when visiting a prostitute in a faraway land.
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