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Friday, September 19, 2014

Observations - 19th September 2014

"We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it" - Earl Nightingale


"The first no means "not right now".

The second no means "not ever".

The third no means "please go away, I have already dialled 911 and I only have to press call""

"I suddenly remembered another beautiful example of privilege that also involves intersectionality.

Mystique of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Blue, does not look like an ordinary person, bullied for looking different: facing prejudice. Bio-mimic, can look like anyone she wants: privileged. Result: intersectionality!"

[On RJC] "I was from a batch where there was this incident, where people would leave their lecture notes in the library of the old Mount Sinai campus. And they would return to found them either missing or thrown in the trash.

They found the culprit a girl who was often made fun of because she was ugly. It was one of those things where you didn't know whether she was a victim or a culprit."

"Is it bad that i processed "card carrying feminist" as "a woman no one can take seriously"?"

"People don't hate her because she's a feminist. They hate her because she behaves like an asshole and cries persecution when she is called out on it."

No true feminist puts sugar on his porridge.

Amused that feminists are for "ending violence by men against women" but against "end racism by black people against white people".

If a single parent is as capable of parenting as two are (and thus we should not discourage single parenthood in children's interests), why are men blamed for not doing their fair share of the housework and childcare? After all, if single parents can manage on their own, the mother can manage on her own without the father.

"Do you really believe it's a choice? Who in their right mind would choose to believe in a sky fairy and subject oneself to a lifetime of social ridicule by liberals and misunderstanding, and a faith that the gay lobby is trying to make illegal?"

RT @necropants I've noticed a lot of people who ask for trigger warnings are those who actively search for sensitive topics to argue about

Not all smokers get lung cancer and not all lung cancer patients smoke
Ergo it's a stereotype and a lie that smoking causes lung cancer!

"Offended" as used by "activist" types though usually means "something I can't refute or disprove, but runs counter to what I think, so it needs to be suppressed."

"I hearby refuse to click on links with headlines that have been upworthified. If you see something worth sharing, share the original item, not the linkbaited upworthy and ilk shit. The headlines don't actually say what the item is"
"I also don't click on any link from Business Insider which, to this day, I don't think I've ever seen a legitimate business article."

“What is the best occupation in the world? Being a librarian..When you tell people to shut up, they have to shut up”

Amused that it's a seizable offence (up to 6 months jail) to display a national flag in Singapore (National Emblems (Control of Display) Act (Chapter 196))
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