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Monday, November 25, 2013

How to spin a positive result as negative

International Violence Against Women Survey: The Singapore Report

"The International Violence Against Women Survey (IVAWS) is an instrument developed by the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Institute, and Statistics Canada. It aims to provide a more reliable assessment of the prevalence of violence against women and enable international comparisons of data. Eleven countries have conducted the IVAWS to date: Australia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Mozambique, Philippines, Poland and Switzerland.

Singapore became the most recent country to have conducted the IVAWS in 2009...

Singapore had the lowest rate of lifetime violence victimisation (9.2%) as compared to other participating countries

Singapore also had the lowest rate of lifetime physical violence victimisation (6.8%) and the lowest rate of lifetime
sexual violence victimisation (4.2%) as compared to other participating countries"

AWARE's report on this:

"Preliminary results of a survey of 2,006 women released in January 2010 by the International Violence against Women Survey (IVAWS) positioned Singapore as having the lowest (9.2 percent) rate of lifetime violence compared to other participating countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, the Philippines and Switzerland. Singapore also had the lowest rates for lifetime physical violence victimization (6.8 percent) and sexual violence victimisation (4.2 percent). However, critical statistics included the fact that 42.4 percent of the women polled felt their lives were in danger during domestic conflicts with partners. A shocking 71.7 percent of women abused by partners were also not likely to make a police report. These statistics show that societal misconceptions around domestic violence still require much attention and focus. AWARE is also concerned at the depth of under-reporting which means that many women remain as silent sufferers of violence. One in 10 calls or 11 percent of AWARE’s helpline calls in 2010 were related to abuse and violence"
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