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Monday, November 25, 2013

God is real. They have proof!!

NASA Finds Message From God on Mars - The Daily Currant
A: God is real. They have proof!!

B: Heeeee the article is a satire

A: What does it mean? Lolx you always use very chim words on me. I don't understand :P

B: Ooops... Hmmm mean they are taking a dig at Christianity and it's mocking

C: If its real then amen to that! Glory be to Jesus !

D: Amazing

E: Amen amen amen! ^^

A: Really? I don't sense a bit of mockery. But nonetheless, God is real ! Amen !! :)))
Oh.. Btw, when I was talking to Alvin and I kept repeating God is real.. I realize it sounds like God Israel ! Lolx.

B: No it's not meant to be obvious mockery, it's a satire and the daily currant reports "news" to make it sound as real as possible. Read the " about " page of the daily currant

Maybe this might help - Satire

So daily currant ridicules and pokes fun at people or beliefs or current events by writing fake articles.

The intended effect is to scorn and mock and ridicule at how stupid can people be to "believe" there is god, or tablets etc the various aspects of "religion"

Such that when you write "god is real" it could even come across as sarcasm. Not sure if you understand my explanation haha

A: I see. Human minds are so complicated. Lolx. But we know.. God is indeed real :))

C: Anyway they have failed in this attempt of satire . Hahah it just made us more motivated :)
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