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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Conversations - 26th December 2012

"Barometer, n.: An ingenious instrument which indicates what kind of weather we are having." - Ambrose Bierce


Frigid Girl on "Apparently psychosis does not deter everyone. Caveat Amator.": so it doesn't deter u?

Me: hurr
of course it does
that's why I ignored the crazy girl [time period]

Frigid Girl: so what does your status mean

Me: apparently that psycho girl has been dating one guy since [quite a long time ago]
I'm surprised. maybe she's not psycho with white guys

Frigid Girl: usually they aren't
maybe white guys are used to psycho girls

Me: hurr hurr

Temptation Chris: y u think men have more unrequited love than women
i find women are more practical
when the woman has unrequited love there is usually less sympathy
(great expectations/les mis)
maybe cause writers are men

Me: nope
because we live in a world where man proposes and woman disposes
so a lot of men are turned down by women
then they have unrequited love until it's requited, or they move on, or they find someone new to chase

Temptation Chris: i guess so
but women who do unrequited love are stupid
cause they have other ppl proposing?

Me: perhaps
as a good economist I believe in the concept of opportunity cost =D

Temptation Chris: ???????
so because women have options
their unrequited love is simply opportunity cost?
men leh

Me: no
the opportunity cost is the other men after them
if they choose to consider unrequited love

Temptation Chris: yar lor
but what if the other men are not as good haha
anyway men also opportunity cost
can try luck with other girls

Me: presumably the other men are not as good
that's why the girl won't want them
yah got opportunity cost for men
but those sales are not guaranteed

Temptation Chris: haha
thats why for women to have unrequited love is even more ennobling right
since it doenst make pragmatic sense
plus the woman is not conventionally the pursuer
so more jialat for her
plus women and age etc

Me: "Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose"

Someone in Europe: I'm taking a Literature class this semester to fulfill university
graduation requirements
I'm just doing it out of necessity and not out of interest, and I said
as much during my self-introductiong in the first class
After attending the lectures, I really understand why some parents are
so upset that their kids choose to study the humanities at university

Me: oh?

Someone: Literature classes are especially bad
They're still discussing really out-moded theories like psychoanalysis
and they like to 'read between the lines' even when there are possibly
no hidden meanings

Me: as I always say, there's a reason psychoanalysis is under the
literature department, and not the psychology department

Someone: Generally they are just really prone to fuzzy thinking, or
interpreting things in a way that's 'poetic' or 'romantic'

Me: well get back to me at the end of term!

Someone: I feel like my prefrontal cortex shrinks a little bit with every class

Someone else: that day i heard *** talk bout this girl
then i realised i prob turned *** off ten thousand times
cause im so unenthu
:/ oh well

Me: sad.
see lah want to be chased

what does ***'s girl have to do with ***

Someone else: ***'s girl is unenthu about replying him
so *** gave up

Me: haha
when a lady says no...
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