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Saturday, September 02, 2006


[Student: Do we do the essay in class or (at home)?]... It's a free country. You can do it in class if you want.

[On skipping working and jumping to the answer] To minimise risk... 2 w a sigma a square - so you know right? So I just show you this [the final answer]

Risk air verse / air worse investors (averse)

[On a monstrous equation] Can you memorise this formula? [Student: No]. This is going to be a 25 point (?) question. If I give you 10 points for writing this formula, can you do it?... See? You can do it. This is the risk premium.

If you know that textbook inside out, you will have no problem with this part of the course, but you probably will have no time for anything else.

It's really important to say something about policy so that, among other things, they can feel good about themselves... Economists like to be employed.

Let's have a recipe for building an engodenous growth model. Something you can do in your spare time.

This is where technology gets growed (grown)

Bob loo kaas (Lucas)

[On R&D] Paul Romer really believes in his work, because after writing some articles he took a break, to make some money. He is now writing software for economics students.

Jonos describes that as stepping on each others' toe (toes)

How do you guys find the pace?... [Me: Is this your first time lecturing?] Yah. *To himself* 'Learning by doing' [Ed: Arrow, 1962]

Shoom peter's assumption (Schumpeter)

[On a regression explaining GPA] K may be number of male friends and female friends, number of disruptive friends, and so on.

OSS estimator (ELS)

Tenure identify the relationship between y and x 1? (Can you)

[On a simple regression plot] The wildest estimator will be: you connect all the dots

The notes are getting more and more disgusting. [Me: I thought you said 'the girls are getting more and more disgusting'] I don't even need to say that. It's been like that from Day 1.

The correctness of dementia'n (dimension)

If one assumption is broken down (violated)

hypothetical testing (hypothesis)

Now we move on to a little bit more poignant analysis, which is [the] normal distribution.

I am reminded of the po sawn distribution... He was a cavalryman in Napoleon's army. He counted the number of men kicked to death by horses... That's how the po sawn distribution originated. (Poisson)
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