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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Getting There (Shanghai, China)


Special Note to Women
Some past participants have found that Chinese nationals had a distorted and stereotyped image of U.S. women, often acquired through advertising, television, and movies. Many Chinese do not understand that the U.S.-style familiar manner with strangers is merely a gesture of friendliness. Outgoing behavior may be misconstrued as something more.

Special Note to Minorities
Students that are members of ethnic minorities, students with disabilities, gay and lesbian students, or overweight students may face particular difficulties in the study abroad setting. Chinese society is very homogeneous, and Chinese stare at people who look different. They also stare at Asian Americans and don't understand why they can't speak perfect Chinese. Our resident staff is sensitive to these issue

Participants say...
People stare, point, and may even touch you. They are usually just curious. Watch and observe others and see what works. Try everything and get to know as many Chinese as possible."

Sounds like going to China on exchange is like being part of a traveling freak show.
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