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Friday, May 26, 2006

Tonight I am leaving Utrecht for Berlin. I will be away till the evening of 31st May. The usual words apply.

I screwed myself for the night train to Berlin. Originally I booked one leaving from Cologne and arriving at Berlin at 4+am, giving me =<6 hrs of sleep. I also got confused with the Eurail pass - the rule about writing the next day's date when taking night trains applies only to through trains. Luckily I managed to unscrew myself in time. Now I'm taking a train to Liege-Guillemins via Maastricht and arriving at 8am in Berlin, with =<7 hrs of sleep. Not only is Utrecht-Liege-Guillemins half the price of Utrecht-Cologne, the train from Maastricht leaves after midnight so I can use my Eurail pass for that leg.
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