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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Shianux comes up with the following gem, perhaps channeling Rockson:

"Ahh see, my problem with discussions here is that people like to use super cheem engrish, until people's who's engrand not so powderful like me cannot understand.

And then hor, when we cannot understand, what the fuck is the point of arguing? not lellevant to the lives of ordinary singaporeans lor!

But seriously, when I reading harfway hor, I was like, what the fuck! All that talk about morality and harm principle and all that shit, argue for fuck manzzzz..... like hor, people argue until donno why they argue for liao.

You see, me hor, what I think is, whether harm principle or conscience or what fuck hor, is only for 1 reason onie:

When is it justified to use the coercive powers of the state to control what people can or cannot do.

See hor, that Ah-gin, he say hor, this thing we got in our hart hor, tell us what we can or kenot do. Some other ppl hor, say we think what is right or wrong if we ji siao other ppl, or other ppl ji siao us.

But you see hor, I was thinking, what the fuck! I don't care what you think, and I think other people also don't care what other people think leh! If you want to do something or not want to do something because your hart tell you hor, then good for you lor.

The porblem hor, is what happen when other ppl want to do something, and theyiar hart tell them can do, but what they doing is murder lah, rape lah, molest lah, fuck kar-chng lah (oops, I talk about this later)

So why ask mata to jail ppl who murder, rape, or molest leh? I think hor, you should ask yourself: is it because your hart tell you its wrong, and kenot do? Or because you know that if someone want to do this kind of cheebye thing to you, you will be seebey toolan? (pai seh, if you murdered already hor, kenot toolan liao, cos you dieded already wahahhaa)

You see hor, I think that Ah-gin who say the con-science thing hor, is wrong leh. I mean, walao eh, con-science for fuck?!? You cannot con science man, science con you!

If the hart really tell you what can do or cannot do or, long time no more murderer or raper or molester liao loh! But how come still got leh? Must be this people siao lang right? But how come got siao lang leh? Must be this people con-science kena con right?!?

And some more hor, how we go every person and check their hart and con-science lah. This one seebey jialat, how to do lah, walao, like that machiam like Minolity Leeport (dat movie seebey ho kua, must go watch, special effec steady pom peet peet).

So how we know why we catch this murderer and raper and molester leh? Cos they ji siao other people lor. You think to yourself, if someone never ask your permission, and come and use parang and tong le eh body, or fuck your backside (both ta por or cha bor also hahaha), or touch your neh neh, how you feel? Seebey toolan right?

But what if you gay, you and another one of your ah-kua friends want to fuck each other kar-chng, then how? But law say cannot leh. But why?!? Mr Gay want to fuck another Mr Gay kar-chng, both want what. Both say ok what. They neber force each other what. That one not ji siao anymore right? Then for fuck Ah-gin want to tell them cannot fuck kar-chng? Not fucking your kar-chng you want to ji siao for fuck? (unless Ah-gin see already kar-chng secretly itchy leh... wahahaa then he want to force others not to fuck kar-ching so he won't see and feel
itchy... wahhaha)

So yah, just my two fucking cheebye cents worth lah. I know you all skolar one, all tak chek damn power one, but I think hor, ah beng off the street some times got thing to say hor, you also should at least tiah abit mah... cos after all hor, you all elite peepur in the end still only minolity lor (like minolity leeport hor... wahahhaa)

Remember leh, sewer serpent work for us, not the other way round. So dont try to think up reason to come fuck fuck with us lor... all this cheem engrish lah, theoletical nonsen lah, for fuck?!? Just don't ji siao me when I don't ji siao other peepur can already.

Peace out, cheebyebyes!!!"
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