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Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Autobiography is an unrivaled vehicle for telling the truth about other people." - Philip Guedalla


Someone: hmmmm shld I feel insulted that *** seems to think I'm not even worth consideration for bedding (that's why he's so vulgar and irritating to me) or shld I feel relieved?

Me: you know women
can never please them

either they feel objectified yet secretly pleased
or relieved but secretly offended


I was at a career talk and there was a detachment of SMU students present. They asked a disproportionate number of questions, considering their numbers. However, the questions were all dumb questions, so.

It seems that, on weekdays at least, NUS students can also visit the Kingfisher cafe in the NUSS Guild House near Arts - they just need to pay by Cashcard of NETS. I don't think many people know this since the management don't make an attempt to advertise this fact.

The difference between the parts of the Central Library marked out as 'quiet area's and those which aren't is startling. Almost everyone respects the sanctity of the former regions, and talk either in hushed tones or exit the area to carry on extended conversations. The only thing is that the door is squeaky and makes a loud noise when opened. It needs to be oiled.

Due to a miscommunication, I thought that someone told me that "the shocker" meant "hey" in International Sign Language. Later it emerged that she'd seen a series of T-shirts with words in International Sign Language and their corresponding English meanings, and one of them had a hand where the third finger was extended, and the word "hey" below. I speculated that it was probably one of those deliberate mistranslations foisted off an unsuspecting tourists, like how some ang mohs buy T-shirts with Chinese curse words or insults on them (at least according to some photos you see floating around on the net). Either that or it's one of the gag T-shirts (like the one which says: F_CK Y__. Would you like to buy a vowel?)

More than one person has told me that all girls are bicurious (or at least open to the idea of dating other women). This is probably because they get their thrills from emotional intimacy (which, if sincerely given, is a proxy for likely commitment in long term mating), which is prioritised over the physical attributes of the opposite sex (something hardwired into everyone, but which takes primacy in males), which can be afforded by both genders. Perhaps intra-sexual competition in the form of checking out the appearance of their possible rivals can also spill over into intra-sexual attraction.

Meanwhile males get theirs from physical appearance since it indicates fertility (which is why gays dress better - even though they're not looking for fertile women the inclination to go for looks remains still); coupled with homosexuality threatening straight guys' sense of masculinity, this drives down their level of receptivity to non-heterosexual liaisons.

[NB: This is not about which gender is more inclined to homosexuality; it's about being bicurious]
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