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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Quote of the Post: "Yesterday I was a dog. Today I'm a dog. Tomorrow I'll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There's so little hope for advancement." - Snoopy (Charles M. Schulz)

Random Playlist Song: Pinay - Dahil Sa Iyo

Actually I don't like this version, as it's sung by some women who try too hard to sound sultry but end up sounding like, well, cheap sluts. It's marginally better than the Alfred Apaka version I have, where the guy sounds like one of those Hawaiian men in Aloha shirts, strumming his guitar and you can just *see* the Hawaiian girls dancing in their grass skirts behind him.

Ah, to hear once again the version arranged by Joy Chia! I really liked that arrangement.


Why do I keep getting irrelevant junk mail?

This time it's about something called the Jackrabbit, supposedly used by Charlotte in Sex and the City. It *does* say that "Men will enjoy this toy as well", but doesn't state how.

A testimonial from a satisfied customer: "Now I don't mind being single".

Oh well, at the very least, the description of their deluxe version made me laugh.


Integrated programs are very evil. I suspect it's just a way to stop the brain drain that happens after O levels. Now that their students will have no more O levels, they will be unable to defect to other schools. Very devious.


Yaoi Girl:

"I have read Catherine Lim- but I didn't like what I read at all. I feel her books are mostly mysticism without substance. Kind of like movies by Zhang Yimou."

I'm sure Zhang Yimou fans will beg to differ.


A (partial) replacement for!

"Classic Cat is a directory with links to over 1200 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work."


My mother tried to force me to get a hair cut.

"You look like a barbarian... Normal tech... You want to keep a ponytail?"

I think she's on to me :0


Recently I've been playing Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader, despite the bad reviews it got from a few places.

It's definitely not quite up to the level of the previous Black Isle games like Baldur's Gate (I and II) or Planescape Torment, probably because it was developed by Reflexive Entertainment, but it's still passably fun, with the appearances of Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Shylocke, Machiavelli and other historical figures in its alternate history setting being an incidental plus (or minus, depending on your point of view), and witty and mirth-inducing dialogue appearing from time to time. The quick loading times are also a welcome plus.

However, the game is rather too difficult and fast-paced, making play frustrating at times, the gameplay too hack-and-slash for my liking (yes, I dislike hack-and-slashes), and there is neither a map annotation function, nor markers for of locations of interest on the area maps, damnit.

Most importantly, it lacks the elusive X-factor (read: I'm too lazy to divine what that X-factor is).

I can't wait for Knights of the Old Republic 2! I swear I'm going to buy it when it comes out, since the original was one of the few games to grip me in the last few years, shaking me out of my normal jaded state.


The Drive to Legalize Picks Up

"Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man... Trying to reduce heroin addiction by preventing marijuana use, it's been said, is like trying to reduce motorcycle fatalities by cracking down on bicycle riding... Marijuana may well be the least addictive and least damaging of all commonly used psychoactive drugs, including many that are now legal. Most people who smoke marijuana never become dependent. Withdrawal symptoms pale compared with those from other drugs. No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, which cannot be said of most other drugs. Marijuana is not associated with violent behavior and only minimally with reckless sexual behavior. And even heavy marijuana smokers smoke only a fraction of what cigarette addicts smoke. Lung cancers involving only marijuana are rare."

I like the poem (of sorts) they quoted about Prohibition:

"Prohibition is an awful flop.
We like it.
It can't stop what it's meant to stop.
We like it.
It's left a trail of graft and slime
It don't prohibit worth a dime
It's filled our land with vice and crime,
Nevertheless, we're for it."

You'll never see such level-headedness in Sinagpore.


John Kerry and John Edwards can't keep their hands off each other! - "I've been covering Washington and politics for 30 years. I can say I've never seen this much touching between two men, publicly"

Which member of the Bush Administration are you? - I like the descriptions of the various members in the "list all possible results" page

Academic recreates naked Olympics

SmartKlamp: Single-Use, Automatic Circumcisions - Automating male genital mutilation

Lego Spiderman movie

Couple had sex on stage during concert - "The young couple, Tommy Hol Ellingsen, age 28, and Leona Johansson, age 21, are members of the environmental organization «Fuck for Forest.» They have sex in public in order to put focus on the rainforest."

Operation Bucharest - by Jack T. Chick - Finally! An entertaining Jack Chick tract! This one's damn funny. As Xephyris comments: "it's so fnuny, lol... they portray the spies as religious fanatics, ala the Al Qaeda! Wait, give us a week to pray! LOLOL... 'God is with us in this undertaking!' <- rather than american spies, it fits zealots more, don't you think?"


I've always thought that anyone deprived enough to want to stalk me would be seriously deprived, and possessed of exceedingly bad taste. And now one such person has apparated.

(Unfortunately,) I have a bisexual (cyber)stalker. Well, if everything goes well, I will have *had* a bisexual cyber-stalker, whom I will never see in Meatspace.

My sad tale starts in the middle of June, when for some reason, about 5 people started sending me friend requests and messages on Friendster, all asking to be my friend. Being spooked by this sudden conjunction of the planets, I turned all of them down. Besides which, somehow Friendster has always struck me as a place to network with existing acquaintances rather than meet new ones.

After my polite declining of their friend requests, most of them got the message, but one person persisted in bothering me, with the refrain, "I want to make new friends" (in ircz speakz, of course). In a last attempt to get him off my back, I told him that I didn't use Friendster anymore (essentially true), and not knowing how to take a hint (or many hints, rather), he replied: "since you dun use friendster anymore,pls sms me
@ xxxxxxxx now... I luv making new friends... Can u pls sms me?? Hope to receive ur sms soon.."

I ignored this and continued blissfully watching grass grow and paint peel. Until someone added me to his M$N list. Not suspecting anything, I added him and asked, as is my customary ritual, who he was. Imagine my wide-eyed shock when I discovered that he was ****** from Friendster who had been bugging me all along. Not least of my worries: how the hell did he get my M$N email address?! I hope he didn't visit this blog :0

The conversation from that point on follows:

Me: why did you add me?

Him: i alreadi told u tat i want to make new friends wif u....

Me: ...

Him: :D can u pls tell me abt urself now?

Me: erm.

Him: pls??
hey...r u bisexual??
can u pls chat wif me for a while?? [Ed: All this while, I was playing Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader (see above)]

Me: no I'm not

Him: u only like women??

Me: erm. yes.

Him: pls sms me @ xxxxxxxx now...
bye.... pls remember 2 sms me....thanks....cya....

Unsettled as I was, I cast my net into the deep blue sea. I trekked to several oracles on mountainous peaks and cavernous depths to seek the advice of the gods; I slaughtered countless chickens to dig in their entrails, seeking the secrets of the twisting ether; I dug out my divining rod, following every twitch of its body.

Most advised me to put him on my ignore list. Not a few speculated that it was the picture of Wo-hen Nankan, the Asian Prince, that I had for my M$N account display picture that had drawn him:

But then, I don't have that pic in my Friendster account, so.

Some people wondered if it was just someone trying to play a prank on me. I find that very unlikely, since this person went to the trouble of creating a Friendster account, putting pictures of "himself" up, and finding 37 "friends" to add to his list.

Others wondered if he was Mr Tim Tang, of luvacguys and Stop being gay fame, but from his Friendster profile, he doesn't look CBTH (cute, boyish, tanned, handsome), so I ruled out that possibility (heh).

And for some reason, one or two thought that it might be a girl pretending to be a boy. My response?

"*shrug* guys sometimes pretend to be girls. girls never pretend to be guys :P except for butches. but that's in real life, so. and it's obvious they're butches, not guys."

I was actually thinking of following my idol's actions and putting up his picture with these words: "I am not gay/bi, so guys, don't bother sending in your picture. As a punishment for thinking I'm gay, I posted a picture of this man, named ******. He is in the Possibly Gay Men section. If you ever seen him, now you know he's gay! Don't send in pictures if you're a guy, or you'll face the same punishment as him!", but I decided to be nice (unless he continues pestering me, then that's a different matter).

Anyhow, a day after the first M$N contact (ie yesterday), he tried to talk to me again:

Him: hi there... How r u? may i chat wif you now,pls??

Me: what about?

Him: I want to get to noe u well... Can u pls tell me abt urself???

Me: I don't particularly want to know about you [Ed: In an attempt to chase him off, my tone became more chilly]

Him: why?? Look like u r not interested in making new friends.... [Ed: Ooh. Someone is getting confrontational now.]

Me: look. what're your motives in approaching me?

Him: Wat's wrong wif making new friends??

Me: have you done this before?

Let's talk abt soocer.... i'm a diedhard Liverpool fan....

Me: I don't like soccer. no I meant approaching people
have you done it before?

Him: Of course....

Me: and how did they react?

Him: mm.... they r happy... they want to make new friends.... [Ed: *cough*]

Me: right. and is "making new friends" your only motive in approaching me?

Him: OF COURSE....

Me: look. whatever you wanted to do, you did it all wrong. in the future, if you do not want to freak people out/piss them off, don't come on too hard. now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch grass grow. good day

*I block him*

Hopefully that'll be the last I'll hear of him.

To think that just the other day I was musing about how, in a certain light, it would be fun to have a stalker (I was thinking of a cute one, naturally).

Guess I'm getting my just desserts *pout* [Ed: For people who like Chinx aka Stranger who don't understand jokes, a Disclaimer: MY MUSING WAS A JOKE]
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