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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Quote of the Post: "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -- George Bernard Shaw

Random Playlist Song: Mozart - Divertimento in F Major for 2 Oboes, 2 Horns and 2 Bassoons, K 253


Inspired by her M$N display picture, I commissioned from nina the following:

Dedicated, of course, to the people searching for "Emma Watson's underwear" and their ilk.

Tis a marvellous piece of work, of a standard to which I am unable to aspire, since my "graphics manipulation skills are limited to cutting and pasting, resizing and cropping". Well actually my font aesthetic isn't very well developed, so the words wouldn't look so good if I did it myself, and I would have used 1, or at most 2 fonts, instead of the 3 you see above.

I was looking for an additional caption to put below this picture, as is my customary practice. Some suggestions:

"Who says wizards don't wear anything beneath their robes"

"This one had her underwear stolen by google"

"Whodunit? Potter? Weasley? Or YOU?"

"Does your wife approve of you looking for nude pictures of me?"

This one takes the prize:

"Is it so odd we want to see the knickers of a teenaged girl? It's not like she's over the age of consent and ready to do... things with us."


In other news, I've just recovered from a batch file run awry.

Moral of the story: Check your batch files carefully before running them. Especially if they involve deleting stuff without your confirmation.


My DVD-rom drive won't read all the cheap TDK CDs I bought with Melvin last year and then burnt. To think that they were advertised as: "TDK CD-R GOLD". Bah. I thought gold CDs were supposed to be good. These CDs are called "gold" CDs, but the upper surface of each CD is a dirty bronze colour, and the reverse side is off-silver.

At first I thought that maybe I'd waited too long before burning them (the latest that Melvin and I could have bought the pack of 50 CDs was in February, but I think we got it last year), because I didn't start burning them for quite a while after we got them, but then, a Verbatim CD that was left opened but unburnt for about the same length of time could be read by my DVD drive.

Maybe it's where I stored them (under the computer table, where sunlight *sometimes* reaches). But then, Xephyris is also complaining that his DVD-ROM drive (bought in 2004) "hates CDs", so it's probably mainly due to the weak DVD lasers, and the lousy TDK CDs.

Anyhow, I recently bought 10 "Verbatim Datalife PLUS" (*awe* *shock* swoon*) CDs at $8.90 for a pack of 10 with assorted fancy colours. The uncoloured ones were retailing for $9.90 for 10, the only difference being the colours. Maybe professionals (whose demand is more inelastic) need the plain silverish ones to bolster their image.

Lucky I have an external CD-RW drive, which I can use for badly burnt CDs if my hypothetical future DVD-RW drive can't read them :0


More search referrals:

bdsm "obstacle course" - Not one I would care to try. I think I'd rather do SOC.

gynecological poses pictures - How many poses could there possibly be?

redneck outlook stationery - Rednecks don't use Outlook

singapore materialism filipino maid

emma watson's relationships - She's too young to have had many. Then again, this is the decadent West we're talking about, from which corrupting winds blow to sully the purer-than-pure East, replete with wholesome Asian Values which magically eliminate all our social problems.

easy instructions for making a slingbag

Emma Watson sucked my wang - What's a wang?

disserations on youth gangs

emma watson's muscle - She looks very scrawny to me.

topless Twi'lek babes - Exotic tastes here.

man wearing thong at sentosa beach

interesting ways to masterbate - If you can spell it properly, this is a pretty interesting way.

RJC uniform purple

F&N firearms

stossel, pantyhose

emma watson bra size - "Watson generates nearly 60 percent more search activity than Daniel Radcliffe who portrays Harry, and gets 400 percent more searches than both Rupert Grint, a.k.a. Ron Weasley, and Tom Felton, who plays Harry's arch enemy Draco Malfoy."

nude handsome boys

emma watson's vagina

saf malays

buying porn vcds in subang jaya

godmother fuck yong boy - The name of the boy shouldn't matter.

d&d inn bangkok pool - I always wanted to play D&D in an inn in Bangkok.

babysitters taking rectal temperatures

napel cloth

photos of males wearing women's leotards

Who counts your push-ups at Air Force BMT

costume "grow boobs" - That's one powerful costume

online yaoi comics (a guy who falls in love with someone who wants to kill him)

chij semen skirt

sudol body tonner

waffletown Singapore - Good waffles, great chicken

purchasing chij uniforms - Try Yahoo auctions

sammyboy.com.sg asia commercial - In your dreams

"tai mai shu" racist - Wing would be racist too, then.

fairfield methodist secondary fuck - That's a new one. Before this it was all Bedok Secondary.

mysteires of women

mattress "spring broke"

is there is any company that don't use haram contents in lipstick - Lipstick is arguably haram intrinsically, since it breeds vice and immorality.

annabel cheong, singapore porn - Must be a new porn star wanting to ride on Chong's success.

raffles girls' schoolgirls nude - This came almost immediately after the one above. Maybe the 2 people can go talk to each other.

+"zlad" +"gunther" - Brothers in spirit!

chinese commando bagua - They still use those? For what, to blind people?

aunty panty theft

Daniel Radcliffe, (do u prefer boxers or briefs?) - Maybe he goes commando.

Air Stewardess colour-blindness - I'm sure you can still fly as long as you don't mistake Coke for Red Wine.

us army lsd "assault course" - I think you'll fail the course if you're on LSD. I wonder if this is harder than the BDSM obstacle course.

zaogeng adventures
jamie adventures zao geng - Someone should make a game called: "Zaogeng Adventures". Fun!

emma watson's height - 5' 5" (165 cm). But I'm sure she'll get a growth spurt soon.

top ten ways on how to masterbate

If you have sex in the swimming pool, does it hurt the fallopian tubes

were can i find free budist prayer chants

olsen hatelisting

Brendan Fraser Circumcised

friendsters malay page

madrigals clinton inauguration

dettol indian print ads

posb debit mastercard rewards - Not much to speak of. Bastards.

ass hammer shit nugget pandemonium

"singaporeans" "poor english"

hwa article: why god's women do not wear makeup

swedes in michigan

"We Share" Holst, Prof. E. Thumboo - I should make up campy lyrics to desecrate some lovely song as well.

spiderman in a sarong picture

pussy cunt permanently loose gaping

Emma Watson's school - Ooh. Stalkers.

is it okay for a male pre teen to masterbate males

smelling emma watson socks

Karnak divine masturbation

xxx hoom sex - What's a hoom?

acjc girls uniform pictures

Muslim meals on Singapore's Airport are they slaughtered in the name of Allah

emma watson gets her menstrual

recruits naked in pulau tekong

the naked punishment for recruits at pulau tekong prison school

"small neck" "dress shirts" - I hate dress shirts which strangle me, with my small neck!

poem gangster melayu
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