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Monday, December 03, 2018

Links - 3rd December 2018 (1)

John Seungjin Oh(오승진)'s answer to Is life hard in South Korea? - Quora - "This test is so stressful to take that the police force deploy their personnel and police boats in the Han River on the day of the test because so many students attempt suicide... Korea has the highest suicide rate of any OECD country, and it’s constantly increasing... Korea has the second longest work hours in OECD while having significantly lower pay than other countries. There is even a popular term called Passion Paying, which refers to the low amount of pay that people get, usually excusing it by saying “you’re passionate about this job, right? So I don’t need to pay as much money”...
All males, and only males are required to serve in the military for 2 years. And even worse, they need to serve in one of the most important stages of your life: When you’re supposed to go look for a job right after you graduated, or is currently in university. This is why women actually have much higher employment than men in the 20’s, and has a crushing advantage over all men. This doesn’t look so gender-equal does it?...
A very large portion (as in, more than half) of feminists in Korea are very….. radical and have caused many problems on the excuse of “gender inequality”. But the truth in Korea is that legally, there are more advantages of being a girl (no military service), and even socially, Korea is taking a very progressive view on gender equality…that was, until radical feminists caused an extreme hate on feminism in Korea recently. I am a feminist by definition because I believe in gender equality. But most “feminists” in Korea are closer to female chauvinists. Womad (not to be confused with WOMAD music festival) is a very infamous “feminist” community/website in Korea, and...
2. It supports Park Geun Hye just for being a woman
3. Stated “All daughters should kill their fathers. They’re all sexist bast*rds. We support the kill-the-father project.” One member of the community actually worsened her father’s heart disease in an attempt.
6. Staged sexual assault in order to insult all men...
Korea is an extremely racist society, discriminating especially against Southeast Asian people and African-Americans, as well as many Indians."

Apparently You Can Make Gigantic Cocktails in a Washing Machine - "There's an old video, originally filmed in July 2015, making the rounds again. It's just under a minute long, showing a group of Brazilian partygoers in Agronômica, a municipality of the state of Santa Catarina, making a big, mean batch of caipirinha with a repurposed washing machine."

Democrat-supporting women strip off for 'Grab Them By The Ballot'
"Because according to Democrat shills, when fat ugly, unfit women are shown naked it’s “liberating”, and “progressive”. But when a gym fit and attractive woman does the very same thing, it’s “sexist”, and “oppressive”.
This brand of feminism is Trumps most cherished ally. They also need to keep up how much they hate white males to help the Dems lose."

I got into an argument with my friend because I reject evolution because it's heteronormative. Are scientists going to make evolution more inclusive or will they replace it with something else? - Quora

Researchers find tweeting in cities lower than expected - "less people tweet per capita from larger cities than in smaller ones, indicating an unexpected trend that has implications in understanding urban pace of life... Much like newspapers, a few entities are responsible for spreading information through a large city. The researchers dubbed these people "town tweeters.""

Mosquitoes Learn the Smell of Danger - "mosquitoes that were trained to associate human smells with their potentially deadly defensive maneuvers lost their appetite for the previously attractive scent"

Muslim woman exudes love for 'magical' Israel - ""Everyone of all ages in Israel gave me exceptional, world class treatment. I got sloppy little kisses from infants, handmade presents from small children, endless praise from teenagers, saw the childish side of young adults, got treated to wonderful local eats by people my parents age, and listened to words of wisdom and got major hugs from people that were much older. Why am I saying this? To let you know that the people of Israel of all generations love, and love to be loved. And believe me... I didn't only see a small handful of people in one town. "Don't listen to what the media, or what low res overly shared graphics say against Israel or the IDF (may God bless them.) Take everything you hear as inspiration to try to figure out what the real story is for yourself by getting straight to the source… Don't blindly go by the ridiculous headlines and stories by the media."...
"It's almost crazy how many Muslim women I saw driving, shopping independently, studying, working, and enjoying life in Israel. Freedoms they couldn't even dream of elsewhere in the Mideast. And yes, many of them were all burka'ed out to the nines. Also, it's way safer to walk outside late at night in most parts of Israel, than in NY. Because the people are civil and good. If you reply with anything contradictory, I'll simply ignore cause that won't be worth my time. "Anyway, I went to businesses run by Jews, and got great customer service. I went to businesses run by Muslims. Also got great service. Customers were mixed everywhere, and everyone got along just fine. Interestingly enough, in both cases, the shop owners/staff weren't able to figure out whether I was a Muslim or Jew. I took that as a compliment. "I didn't think it would be possible for me to love Israel and her people more than before. But yep. This trip did it. Does that make me a Zionist? Probably. You will be surprised how many other Zionist Muslims I came across there. So bring it on haters, bring it on. I will stand at the front line for the chosen people. And after the smoke clears, we will cuddle and play board games together while enjoying bourekas and lemonade with mint."... "I was not discriminated against at all by any means. If anything, I was given bigger discounts, and larger portions of meals because everyone was delighted to see that I was a Jew-loving Muslim. They went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and enjoying my stay. Even strangers.""

Better Data Could Mean Better Dating - "both men and women tended to pursue mates just 25 percent more desirable than themselves. "So they're being optimistic, but they're also taking into account their own relative position within this overall desirability hierarchy.""

Navy SEAL Veteran On 25 Percent of Students Who Say They Were Traumatized After the 2016 Election - "Eli Crane, a Navy SEAL veteran and CEO of Bottle Breacher, was surprised to see the recent study showing that 25 percent of college students said they were traumatized after President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election... According to Crane, “the millennial generation has been so coddled and protected from reality they are now trying to misappropriate a diagnosis primarily reserved for combat vets, first responders, sexual assault victims and individuals who have suffered from real trauma because their candidate lost an election.”... “That adversity that they fought so hard to keep you from experiencing so you didn’t get your little feelings hurt or overwhelmed. You actually need more of it, not less of it. It’s the only way to develop that cloak of protection from real life called thick skin.”"

Woman Chokes Club Bouncer She Mistakenly Thought Groped Her - "Police have released a New York nightclub’s surveillance video showing a 5-foot-1, 125-pound woman choking a bouncer into unconsciousness after she mistakenly thought he had slapped her on the bottom. The Oct. 20 video released Thursday by Plattsburgh police shows 22-year-old Kierah Lagrave, of Plattsburgh, approaching the bouncer from behind near the Five1Eight nightclub’s dance floor and putting her arms around his neck."

University of Denver Hosts 'White Privilege Symposium' Focusing on How White People can Hold Themselves 'Accountable' for Being White

Group tells AG to charge woman who falsely accused man of molest - "A group that includes the Malaysia Hindu Sangam has charged that the Attorney-General’s Chambers was pressured into dropping a case against a woman who falsely accused a man of molesting a girl. They said the false allegation had damaged 38-year-old Mathurai Veeran Krishnan’s reputation and made it difficult for him to get a job in the last 18 months... Following the accusation against Veeran, several NGOs such as the Women’s Aid Organisation, Voice of the Children and the Association of Women Lawyers urged authorities not to charge Maya."
Unsurprisingly, the women's organisations (which are probably feminist) are the ones defending non-accountability for false accusations. Maybe this is why official statistics on false accusations are so low - because of pressure not to charge the accusers

Man whose penis and testicles were eaten by bulldog 'was alone in room with the animal' - "Olde English Bulldogges were bred in the early 1970s in an attempt to recreate the historic Bulldog breed but with a less aggressive temperament. Bulldogs were popular up until the 19th century at the peak of bull baiting and had previously been used by butchers to immobilise the animals so they could be slaughtered. The original Old English Bulldog breed, historically popular for bull baiting, is extinct. They were used for blood sport but declined in number along with the fall in popularity of bull baiting after the Cruelty to Animals Act was passed in 1835. Its modern descendant, the Olde English Bulldogge, was bred in the US in an attempt to recreate the muscular and athletic animals with large lower jaws but without their vicious tendencies or health problems."
"Stereotypes" about a relative of the pit bulls

Nigeria May Be A Developing Nation, But It Is Rich In Culture vs. Get Me Out Of This Godforsaken Hellhole - "It's sad how the media always dwell on the negative aspects of African society. Granted, Nigeria faces some economic challenges (the result of centuries of colonialist exploitation), but I'm sure Nigerians don't concern themselves with thoughts of shallow materialism when they are surrounded every day by such stirring, dynamic expressions of the human spirit."
"No one is safe. The police chase people in the streets and beat them like dogs. This new general, Abubakar, he is no better than the rest before. President Babangida, he stole $12 billion from the Nigerian people. When people ask where the money goes, they are shot. They shoot people every Sunday on Victoria Beach. The bodies always wash up on the sand after they throw them in the ocean"

Unemployed white South Africans blocked from registering on government jobs website - "The organisation stated that the exclusion is part of a “long list of policies obsessed with race”, and that exclusion based on race was becoming the norm."

More Voters Say the Press Has Divided the Country Than Trump - "In the new Morning Consult/Politico poll, 64 percent of registered voters said the press has done more to divide the country than unite it since Trump took office, compared with 56 percent who said the same was true of the president... The view that the national news media has been a mostly divisive presence was shared among partisans: A plurality of Democrats (46 percent) said the national media has done more to divide than unite... A Morning Consult/Politico poll in July found that 28 percent of voters said they had “a lot” of confidence in the presidency — more than twice the 13 percent who said the same of television news and double the 14 percent who said the same of newspapers"

Canadian stoners go back to street dealers as government struggles to meet high demand
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