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Friday, May 13, 2016

Amos Yee and Jesus Christ

A: You are right, B.... [Amos Yee] should be ignored. But the government will not let him alone. And so he becomes our latest political martyr.... It's actually fascinating.... he's so Christ-like.... so willing to suffer for our sins....

C: that is an ultimate insult to those who sacrificed for their political beliefs...

B: oh no you didn't. He is suffering for his own sins. He is seeking attention, and will get it being as offensive as he can manage on as public a forum as he can manage. That's so far from being all sacrificial sia.

D: Verily, Christ did mightily proclaim, as he shook out his tired right hand (remember, lefties are deviants), the girl whose face inspired him to come of his own accord. So yea, Amos, totesmagoats is Christy like.

E: I cannot believe you compared him to JC.

B: agh why


B: something's been revealed alright.
nothing holy about this ..spirit?

D: It's the host of many, millions upon millions.

B: all bound together, swept up in a cosmic flood

F: Political martyr? Christ-like? Lol

A: How is Amos so like the legendary Jesus? Let's see.... LOL...

Jesus was anti-establishment. The Pharisees hated him and wanted to get rid of him.

Amos is anti-establishment. He quit formal schooling after his O levels, made videos which irked nearly everybody, and the government wanted to teach him a lesson.

Jesus knew his ultimate fate -- that he would be betrayed by a close disciple and then be nailed to the cross.

Amos knows his ultimate fate -- he was betrayed by his fellow-citizens, and a substantive prison stint lies ahead of him.

After the death of Jesus, he became the central figure of a cult movement.

After the persecution of Amos, demonstrations were held in Hong Lim Park against it. Indeed, there were even protests in Malaysia and Hong Kong against the Singapore government for their mistreatment of the boy. Even the UNO and Amnesty International were appalled.

D: Wow. Man, you're on some good shit, hahaha.

Close disciple =/= to fellow citizens, for instance. And man, if quitting O's and saying stupid things is the mark of being anti-establishment, then Amos not special already at all sia, which means we've a plethora of JCs across SG(well, we do, but the other JC, eheheh).

Goddamn man,whatéver you're on, I want some of.

A: One more....

Jesus died, thinking that he was sacrificing himself to cleanse the world of its sins...

Amos will suffer in prison, thinking that his sacrifice at the altar of free speech is worth all the pain he goes through...

D... it's an analogy, and no one is claiming that Amos IS Jesus....

D: Of course not, but you're still likening him to JC, of all people. If we're gonna go with that, especially with the reasons you've given, then there's a ton of people to liken that way lor. At which point, he's no special snowflake.

B: Anyone is comparable to anyone else if adequate similarities are cited.... so why not JC? I could do a Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King too..... but I don't think I will bother about it...

F: All the fancy toppings on a pile of shit doesn't make it a good chocolate fudge sundae. That's what Amos Yee is all about....

Me: I think even people who think he shouldn't be prosecuted are flabbergasted by this thread
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