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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Slice of Bolehland

Survey: M’sian women among most unfaithful

"MALAYSIAN women often cheat on their mates, according to a survey that listed them among the most unfaithful lovers in the world.

Some 39% of Malaysian women confessed that they cheated on their partners in the poll which covered 29,000 women in 36 countries, Kosmo! Ahad reported.

The Malaysian women came third behind Ghana (62%) and Thailand (59%) in the worldwide survey carried out by condom producer Durex.

In fourth and fifth place were Russia (33%) and Singapore (19%) respectively.

Among couples cheating on each other, Malaysia trailed behind South Korea and chart-topper Thailand.

The same survey placed men from Singapore and Hong Kong as being the most promiscuous in Asia, with an average of 16 bed partners in their lifetime.

Malaysian men, the survey revealed, have sexual relations with an average of three women on a casual basis.

> Returning to his home state to celebrate Hari Raya, Khairul Azhar Ismail was shocked when he was asked to pay RM1.80 for a plain piece of roti canai at a restaurant in Kuala Terengganu.

“This is unreasonable,” the dissatisfied customer, who works at the National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur, told Sinar Harian.

He added that he normally paid about RM1 for a piece of the snack.

Khairul Azhar said he initially thought that he had been wrongly billed but realised that it was not a mistake when he saw the price scribbled on the restaurant menu board.

However, he said, the place was crowded and he could not question the busy cashier at that time.

He intends to lodge a report with the Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Ministry."
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