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Friday, June 06, 2014

Conversations - 6th June 2014

Me: haha you are friends with jeraldine phneah

Someone: yes indeed
i consider it an honour to be friends with someone *** lee and her civil society coterie called a bimbo

*** "check your privilege" lee and her friends
civil society activists

"liberals" like ***

when called out on the irony of them using sexist demeaning language, *** told me and the eidtor of TOC - you're all male chauvinists thinking you've gone to the rescue of a poor sweet defenseless creature
card carrying member of Aware, that ***

Me: did you pull the 'check your straight privilege' card on her?

Someone: heh. nope. i didn't bother.
she pulled the i know what feminism is, and if you disagree with me, please go and read your beauvoir, butler, etc and come back to me
i can't be bothered with crazies like her

Someone else: i think humanists can be freaking proud and they don't listen to people with expertise

they think just because they read a lot and are supposingly good in logic they know it all

humanists/rationaists/ whatever. that kind

ppl with knowledge in IT, events-organising, media, finance etc, law, they don't listen to them

and sometimes these ppl who have experience and expertise in specific skills may not be very very free or may not express them in a very scientifically watertight manner u know
but that doesn't mean they don't know their shit

Me: I think it's an identity thing
When your identity revolves around something you get uptight
And exclusionary

Someone else: that is i think the biggest weakness of many of them
they don't listen!

Someone: recently someone asked me if he should go to Singapore
He is polyamorous/bisexual himself. Specifically he asked about how sexually liberal Singaporeans are
I told him if such things matter a lot to him then he should go elsewhere
(And I cited the results of the survey conducted by the SG govt in January regarding Singaporeans' attitudes towards various lifestyle choices)
Always handy when there are official numbers quantifying just how narrow-minded a population is

Someone else: the guy should check all the boxes on my list of criteria

Me: This list thing is a very girl thing Tsk

Someone else: Well growing up in this day and age people tell you not to compromise

Me: Compromise is a fact of life

Someone else: Yea that's why so many educated women are left on the shelf
I think that's what happened to my aunt

Me: If you can't compromise in what you want in a partner, how will you compromise in a marriage ?

Me: How long a wait is necessary before spoiler tags no longer need to be put?

Someone: Infinity. Spoiler tags are always needed. It's just courtesy really. Given everyone's lack of time, one can sometimes take months to catch up with shows.

Me: Spoiler: Darth Vader is Luke's father

Someone else: i was just telling my dutch friend how i get a lot of racist commments thrown at me on a daily basis. like i cycle past some stupid teens and they shout chingchong at me
and he didnt believe me

Me: do you? hmm
I think I got that all of once

Someone else: he said dutch people are very tolerant and open minded
and im like why dont you believe me

Me: seriously I didn't experience that... maybe once or twice

Someone else: and i always tell him oh somebody called me chingchong again etc etc. he NEVER believes me
and claims it might be german or tourists.

Me: google glass

I dont think anyone has ever called me chingchong

though related
like keep konnichiwa me even though I tell them I'm not jap
or in a club it was gangnam style (this was may 2013) then one guy came up to kachiao me

Someone else: so the other day we went clubbing and one of his friends started, for no reason, totally unprovoked, calling me loempia OVER AND OVER again. and i was drunk so i got very violent and started shoving him and my friends had to pull me away

Me: :/
stuff a loempia in his mouth

Someone else: and it was then he realised fuck this really does happen, and that person happened to be HIS friend
and he was very shocked and said i reallllyyyyy didnt believe you

usually my friends call me loempia or bamishijv or bamiblok or bsian or all those jokes and it's fine cos it's in context and it's funny and i like my friends.
i totally didnt know who he is

Me: Yeah. I send my black friend racist jokes
it's not a racist thing. It's politeness

Someone else: the worst was i kena 3 people shout at me on a single 10min bike home

it's social bonding

anyway. the day i kena 3 people shout at me right, usually they are in packs of teens and cos theyw anna look cool etc
but one time this SINGLE teenage GIRL just rode by me on her motor scooter and stuck her head out in my direction and shouted at me

honestly, it was rather admirable. this girl got guts. she got the balls to just be racist without having to prove a point to her idiot friends.

i was just like wow hmm not bad got balls

ya can blame belgians etc but this is The South. ie fucking hicks

Me: Haha. Damn Catholics

Someone else: it's only teenagers though. the old people/uni kids are always very nice and polite to me.

Me: Aiyah teens everywhere like to be like that

Adults how

Someone else: most are alright, but at the risk of sounding a bit shallow and stupid, ive learnt to judge based on the clothes they wear. if they are well-dressed/ uni student -looking, then tend to be nice to me. but if they dress like eurotrash almost 80% of the time they will be a complete dick.

i was just telling my friend how i have come to hate girls who wear this

because i always kena shit from people who wear coats like this

Me: Stereotypes persist and endure because they are often true

Marshmallow man!

Someone else: yeah. i mean, i have to learn who i can approach, right?

Me: What shit do they give you

Someone else: the shinier the coat (like, garbage bag sort of shiny), the shittier they are
matte puffy coats like that arent as shitty

the usual yknow. shout racist shit, talk very loudly, hang out in groups in public places and make a scene

between 2 girls who wear matte and shiny coats, if i need directions/translation/any sort of help, i will not approach any of them hahaha
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