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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Peace for our time

Image Hosted by

"Libya & Syria (Obama)
Iraq & Afghanistan (George W Bush)
Panama, Iraq, Somolia (sic) (George W Bush)
Beirut & Grenada (Reagan)
Vietnam (Nixon)
Bosnia & Kosovo (Clinton)

'War becomes perpetual when it is used as a rationale for peace' - Norman Solomon"

Unfortunately, the maker of this poster forgot other important examples:

Image Hosted by
Korea (Truman)

Image Hosted by
The South (Lincoln)

Image Hosted by
Pearl Harbor (Roosevelt)

Image Hosted by
Poland (Chamberlain)

I'm not sure why people think "roll over and surrender" is a recipe for peace.

"Peace for our time", though, maybe.

Or, perhaps, the true answer is that War is only Evil when a Western Power is the 'aggressor'.
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