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Sunday, September 08, 2013

On why Singapore's craigslist has so many transsexuals

(post has since disappeared)

"re - What's with all the transsexuals here?

Good question, a few suggestions:
* Singapore because of its conservative nature is sexually repressed, therefore to compensate some people do kinky things in private because they have to act so conservative in public.
* In general a lot of men have homosexual fantasies, far more than women do, yet through upbringing or society standards they are more homophobic outwardly than women. A TS allows them to indulge this fantasy without facing the full reality that they might be gay or bi.
*Asians make better TS than any other race, some are absolutely stunning.
* Money - Singapore has a lot of it."


charming caucasian and local women post

"charming caucasian and local women post

This topic has credence and warrants some personal caucasian toobut i dont live in singapore. I fly in regularly from Australia, twice a month and stay in a nice hotel. I always place an ad in craigslist or answer an ad seeking caucasian preferences a few days before i arrive, stating im caucasian and im only looking for fun. Of course the ads are not always the same but essentially variations of the same theme. All i can say is that ive always had a different woman every trip, mostly local chinese, married, single or just eager. It really isnt difficult to land a fuck in singapore if youre a visiting caucasian business person and stay in a nice hotel. All it takes is a good dinner at a nice restaurant below and dessert in the room after. I dont know why singapore women love caucasian cocks but i dont care....please dont. change the singapore ive come to enjoy so much"
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