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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

On disagreeing with people (and also many "trolls")

"He pointed out that we human beings have a tendency to regard those who disagree with us in one of two ways. We assume that, if we have deep convictions and explain them clearly and a person still does not accept them, then that person is either unable to understand the truth or else unwilling to accept the truth. In other words, those who disagree with us are either ignorant or evil. Naturally, this entitles us to respond to them by either dismissing them as stupid or attacking them as willful betrayers of the truth. Hodgson insisted, however, that very intelligent, very honest people, sincerely disagree about things. He said that it is a part of growing up that we come to recognize that those who disagree with us may be as intelligent and as honest as we are trying to be."

--- God in the Theology of Leonard Hodgson / Fisher Humphreys, quoted in Theology in the Service of the Church: Essays Presented to Fisher H. Humphreys / Timothy George, Eric Farrel Mason (ed.)
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