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Friday, January 25, 2013

Palestinians sexually harassed by Israeli women

"I've always found paranoia to be a perfectly defensible position." - Pat Conroy


Original article:

Palestinian labourers sexually harassed in Israel: study | GulfNews.com

"Palestinian labourers working in Israel are at a high risk of sexual harassment by Israeli women, according to a recent field study conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. The study found that 77 per cent of the Palestinian labourers in Israel had been subject to sexual harassment by Israeli women...

Labourers usually are blackmailed, harassed and forced to get involved in illicit and intimate affairs...

Saad said his union has come up with extensive programmes to raise the awareness of the Palestinian labourers, mainly targeting illegal workers. “Aids is a key enemy fought by the union,” he said.

He said Palestinian labourers should be extremely careful inside Israel knowing that some Israelis will take advantage of the labourers and harm them. “The Israelis only care for their joy and interests and pay no attention or consider judicial consequences when they handle Palestinian labourers,” he said."

The truth behind this puzzling story:

Elder of Ziyon: Arab workers see sex with Jewish women as a form of "jihad" (updated)

"I looked again - and actually found the study.

Not surprisingly, it says something quite different than what is being reported.

Called "Risky Behavior by Migrant Laborers" and found on the UNFPA page, it was published in 2010. It is only available in Arabic.

The study was meant to find out how much Palestinian Arab laborers knew about safe sex and how to stop sexually transmitted diseases among them.

While indeed 77% in one focus group of workers, and 52% in another, claimed that they were "harassed or sexually harassed," those terms are not defined. From the context it appears that if they even see an Israeli woman with shorts on the bus they consider that harassment.

Moreover, many of them admit that they work in Israel in order to have sex. They hang around clubs, go to massage parlors and try to take advantage of Jewish women, especially Russians who are judged to be "easy." Some workers are married; most are single, but both categories will try to get laid. Many of them use their time in Israel to act out their fantasies.

In addition, the study says, there is a great fear among single Arabs that they won't know how to perform on their wedding nights, so they really want to gain experience and look at Israeli Jewish women as the ones they can practice on. The study specifically notes the sexual deprivation that they experience as they grow up as one of the factors behind their risky behavior in Israel.

But there is one other factor that some use as justification to have sex with Jewish girls: Jihad.

According to the study, some of the Arabs regard sex with Jewish girls as a form of "jihad" - as a way to punish the Jews! As one puts it, this is a form of "revenge" on Israelis.

The overwhelming sense from reading the report is that Arab workers are the ones who are stalking Jewish women in Israel, and when they say they are being harassed it is really a projection of their own fantasies, as they travel from their villages where women are completely covered and find themselves surrounded by women they believe are shameful but also enticing...

There is one thing that everyone in the study has in common, as well as the labor official quoted in the Gulf News - a view of Jewish women that is completely demeaning. If Israeli Jewish men would have made these sorts of statements, the media would be shouting about their "racism" and intolerance. But here, in a study that the UN supports, there is not a word about Arab male misogyny and anti-semitism."
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