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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Conversations - 24th January 2013

"A good relationship is like fireworks: loud, explosive, and liable to maim you if you hold on too long." - Jeph Jacques


Female friend: r u there

Me: hi

Female friend: can u talk?
or rather listen?

MFTTW: considering how much time you s[pend pondering such
mysteries of the universe
it's amazing you have time left over for everything else

Someone: I had a secondary school friend who worked for [Neuro-linguistic programming personnage].
Says that [Neuro-linguistic programming personnage] is not in it for the money, but to help people.

Me: I'm sure he believes his own rhetoric
that's when a scam is most effective
when you yourself believe in it
some say that's what happened to ron hubbard

Someone: Correct. It makes you do things that you won't normally spend the time and effort to do.

MFTTW: good god
i have 28 days of leave left for the year


i think can [clear]
it's a hassle though because experimental start up/shut down is a pain

me: thenclean in one go

MFTTW: cannot
boss does not allow >2 weeks
unless i'm getting married

me: want to marry me?

MFTTW: today news says that sg is going to criminalize marriages of convenience

me: hurr hurr

A to me: so do you prefer xmm, syt, ol or milf?

B: A, I owe you $ for dinner.

Me: Mature

C: Ah me too

B: C like mature also?

A: that was indeed my first thought

Me: As you know, women like older men

A: Gabriel you have hope then

B: Older just takes time, mature takes effort.

C: I like men the way I like my potatoes - whipped :D

Me: I like women the way I like my potatoes - in the kitchen

A: get a room already

B: I like women the way I like my potatoes, vodka.

Someone: i was just looking at an old comment of yours
on an old profile pic
where u told me to 'bend lower'

Me: hahahahahahaha

Someone: i deleted the whole pic anyway
like just

Me: :/

so how come you still have the comment

Someone: oh no not cos of that
i just deleted the pic like a few secs ago
cos my bf posted it and said it was 'never before published'
but i used it years ago
so to make his comment legit
i took away the pic from my profile pics album
since urs was the only comment there i figured, nvm
u can make comments on other pics

Me: ...
where can I make a comment on that one
will he beat me up if I make that comment again

Someone: nahhh i rem him being amused

Me: cool guy
maybe I should make the same comment again

Someone: what kinda comment is HAHAHAHA..v funny meh?

Me: I am easily amused

Someone: good i wish *** was as easily amused
i am easily amused too

Me: yay

Someone else: 2012年最喜愛的55位AV女優排名 Hottest Japanese AV Idols 2012 Top 55 - YouTube
not sure if maria is inside
watching now

Me: so? have or not?
I think it's interesting that they're mostly very cutesy
whereas American porn stars are...

tells you something about what Japanese (and East Asians) want in women vs Americans

Someone else: yeah
more my flavour

Frigid Girl: it's quite different
in angmoh countries, they talk to you cos they want to chat
in singapore, they talk to you cos they have an ulterior motive
(hitting on you, getting you to buy insurance etc)

Me: or they're more subtle at flirting
I dont get talked to A LOT in ang moh countries. sure, more than here

Frigid Girl: perhaps, but it can't be EVERYONE who is friendly who talks to you is flirting what
they're really quite nice

Me: it's a culture thing (in both senses)

Me: are you trying to redeem yourself from the "misogynist" label :P

Someone: no larh

i'm known to them as a misogynist
but they accept me anyway

thhey can't not accept me

a lot of them
i feel
are RGS girls
scared of commitment

ppl can come up with lots of complex ideas
to believe in very simple things

Me: haha
what does commitment have to do with feminism

Someone: nothing
they are forcibly trying to make the link

it's my belief at least

u are speaking as if they understand the very ideology they tread upon
a quick youtube or google will show u
20 million feminist saying different things
and all claiming that this is valid

as there are many schools of feminism
as far as ideology is concerned, they are bankrupt

Me: they dont really have a unifying ideology
despite their claims

they just know how to slam each other for not being real feminists

Someone: i;ve learned to move beyond the idea
that people disagree with each other
for reasons
and ideological reasons

i'm more inclined they do that shit
cos they are like
i'm sick and tired of ppl telling me i shld have babies babies are icky
WOOOOOO down with social family constructs

very often the fact that they can describe in vivid detail their fears of babies and family and various other bullshit
and den muddle through everything by claiming society did it, uh-huh..
shows their allocation of concern
and perhaps their reasons

Me: well of course often there're deeper reasons motivating their different ideologies

Someone: aiyarh

trying to argue with feminists is a waste of time

arguing with them must be a performative act
not an intellectual one

argue with them so they will make peace

they like to argue
but only if u fall into the identity of who they want to argue with

Me: I thought performative act meant to make them look stupid hehe

Someone: nope
it means to make them think you are a legitimate opposition
and not being "emotionally misogynist" and "closed minded"

Me: but you cannot disagree with them and have them think you are a legitimate opposition

Someone: nope

how can u disagree with ppl
who don
tell u
the reasons why they disagree with u

it's like arguing with the religious larh

i got more misogynist after hanging around these feminists
but i've learned to conver it up larh
so shld u

Me: hurr hurr

so why hang out with them?
cheap thrills?

Someone: Cos I need to seem like a well adjusted person

Me: -_-
hang out with non-feminists

Someone else: For nuttin' got into bitch fight online. Next time someone asks my opinion on a potentially sensitive topic, I'll say, "Is that a trick question? Do you want the truth or do you want a lie?"
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