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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well." - Samuel Butler


Sent to Starhub:

Your website is horrible.

I was trying to look for a new phone, but your website is totally unfriendly. I'm better off reading the newspapers.

Firstly, I had to hunt around for the list of mobile phones. It wasn't in the sidebar, it wasn't in the main page - it was only in the Quick Links dropdown menu ('Mobile Phone Offers').

When I finally got to the list of mobile phone offers (not the partial listing under https://secure.starhub.com/shop/jfn?entry=MOBILE_HOME which only lists very few phones, but the one I get to after clicking ‘more’ under the 3G listing), I found I was unable to open each phone’s listing in a new page/tab so I could compare them side-by-side; I had to click on the ‘Select’ button to get to an individual phone’s details page.

After viewing one phone, I pressed my browser’s Back button to get back to the list of phones, but found myself redirected back to the phone’s details page. Only pressing the ‘Back’ button on the bottom of the details page worked.

I tried your ‘advance (sic) search’ option to narrow my search to Nokia phones, and after viewing one phone I pressed the ‘back’ button – only to be returned to the main phone listing (not the listing of only Nokia phones). What is the use of ‘advance (sic) search’ when you are only allowed to view one phone at a time, and when your search results are wiped after viewing only one of them, I ask?

After putting up with all of this, I decided to painstakingly open each phone’s details page in its own tab:

i) Open a new tab
ii) Load the Starhub page
iii) Click “Mobile phone offers” under “Quick links”
iv) Click “Phones” in the sidebar
v) Select “Nokia” under the “Brand” dropdown menu
vi) Click “Search”
vii) Click on phone name

so I could compare them side-by-side. To my horror, after a few minutes, each phone details page refreshed and dumped me back to the Starhub Shop page.

After this, I just gave up.

The best part is that when I tried to submit this form, it told me I had exceeded 1,500 characters.
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