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Sunday, September 09, 2007

"War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace." - Thomas Mann


One of my takeaways from "Wear a hot and hideous dress to school Day" was that it was very hard and annoying to constantly not zaogeng. I asked some friends about how they coped with the sense of vulnerability, with some interesting responses:

A: I learnt to enjoy it [Ed: being vulnerable]
and wear pretty underwear

B: by meshing it with the power it gives

C: wear reasonably longer ones.

D: there isn't any

E: my skirts are usually long enough, my thighs are fat enough, and i walk very carefully

F: constant reminder to act demure in a skirt
[those wearing shorter ones are] trying very hard to be feminine

wat's wrong with zaogenging
the girl wanna show and the guys wanna watch

[Me: the feminists will kill you]

u mean feminists dun wanna show?
wat do feminists wear anyway?

G: the only time i can remember you seeing me in a skirt was when i wore one that almost dragged on the floor.

[those with shorter ones] want to be upskirted. why else would victoria's secret be so popular?

either that or the reverse: they know they're going to be upskirted, so you may as well buy nice underwear.

if you're serious about not being upskirted, wear granny panties.
it'll turn any guy's stomach.

Addendum: LDPVTP: of those listed, i would go with "there isn't any" the most
unless u wear longer skirts lor, or pants

although i've never heard any girl complaining abt tt

[girls in short skirts who get upskirted shouldn't complain] unless they're doing some sort of weird Ch 8 interpretation of demure bimbo.
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