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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I don't know why people say 'traditional theism' when they mean 'Abrahamic theism'. Maybe it's a euphemism, just like CE/BCE.

Some apologists claim their god can do logically impossible things, like make a stone so heavy he cannot lift it (this has actually been claimed to me once). But then this shoots holes in their other arguments, like that of contingent evil - even if evil is logically necessary to achieve a greater good, since this god transcends logic there is no need for contingent evil. In any case, once you leave the realm of logic you can write off the whole project of apologetics and stand on the side of the room with the naked Hottentot and the stone-age cannibal Aztec.

One defence of the problem of evil is that it's good for the world to be governed by relatively stable natural laws. But then this would abrogate miracles.
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