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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amusing. This is someone also doing Philosophy of Religion:

"Hi, I'm a sinner saved by grace. An amateur philosopher steeped in the analytic tradition. Yes, I think we should use mathematics in philosophy. I also read a little theology. I have no patience with post-moderns and liberals. Yes, I am an extreme conservative. I think we should reinstitute litugies back in churches. Robes would be nice too. Yes, I believe in high church...

Oh, I think this semester promises to be quite interesting and very fun. Looking forward to mowing some people down in tutorials and shocking them with completely incompatible philosophic theses! Hahaha...

I suspect though, that thec prof conducting this course is some kind of a liberal, what the heck, why discuss universalism and open theism?! Hurmph. I guess I will need to prepare my shotgun and my ammo. Arrghh...But I have completely no experience in these topics! I am so busy defending the reprobation of the damned all the time, that the idea of universal salvation is almost unthinkable to me!"

Hurr hurr.
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